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2017 Leaderboards Completed – Cheers to the winners

Happy New Year everyone, we hope it was a good and profitable year.

Our 2017 Leaderboards are now closed and this year we have all new names atop the 4 main leader boards!

For profit and after all that’s the bottom line, the big moneyin the top 4 places all had over 1 million in winnings. In first was Svzff at 1.78 million followed by Epiphany77 at 1.23 million then came Sordykrd 1.18 and our last millionaire was Joshuah333 with 1.13

Then we see that there are great players all over the world. Represented are Estonia, Ukraine, Malta and Mexico. Noqqx led the wat with a total of $315,967 followed by Sauron 1 at $253,181 then Zimiso7 at $229,162 and in 4th place was at $144,451

In the count catagory, we are only listing the first place in this post. Slayerv1fan played 202,004. Where does he get the time? He might need a new mouse a month!!

The best 500 streak average profit belongs to a WPN player named V2the3 who averaged a very respectful $153. The 100 count category was led by  Stevie444 from Mexico at $616.96

One of my favorite categories is Single Table Wins in a row. Who wouldn’t love to win 10 in a row? Ajax109 accomplished just that.

Want to see your favorite category? Head on over to the Sharkscope Leaderboard page and check it out. Some of the accomplishments are amazing!

Want to be listed on the Sharkscope Leaderboard page, go there now and submit your name.

Don’t forget to checkout the New SharkScope Desktop. This all in one tool proved to be a great success in 2017 and more networks and refinements are due in 2018, so get yours today!

Have a GREAT 2018 and the 2018 leader boards are now open!!!

SharkScope Team

Pokerstars says “No Mas” to Colombia

Pokerstars decided to leave Colombia due to the government crackdown on unlicensed sites.

Amidst all the changes of losing a country we were thinking it would be interesting to see the effects that it caused. So we put together Country by Country numbers from Pokerstars SNGs.

We started with the previous month of July and then compared it to August. Turned out the results we saw created a very interesting view.
It was very clear to see how the departure of just one country can affect a global market using Player Profit as a matrix..

Here we see what “SNG Player Profit by Country” was in July.

The Top Ten lines up like this:
1. Venezuela
2. Colombia
3. Serbia
4. Belarus, 5.Uzbekistan, 6.Bosnia & Herzegovina, 7.Ukraine, 8.Poland, 9.Argentina and 10.The Philippines.

There’s probably questions in your mind as to why some of the countries that you were expecting to see, or you may live in, aren’t on the list.
Can you figure out why? Will they show up on August’s Leaderboard?

Let’s see!

In August where Colombia, our 2nd ranked country in July, unhappily disappeared from the list.

The top 3,came in this way:
1st Venezuela
2nd Georgia
3rd Bosnia & Herzegovina

But did Colombia still play a role?
The answer is yes, because many of the players relocated to neighboring countries.
We saw upward trends in Peru, Ecuador, Brazil and Bolivia.
It’s also suggests that by adding players from Columbia, it may have helped Venezuela keep it’s number 1 position.

More to come!




SharkScope Adds Live Leaderboard and even MORE coverage!


Real-Time Leaderboards Added For Every Tournament Type At SharkScope

SharkScope has always delivered the most comprehensive yearly leaderboards in online poker, updating thousands of top players by various stake ranges and game types on a daily basis.

However, SharkScope is now releasing a new leaderboard system that can do more.  More details.  Faster updates.  More comprehensive rankings.  Today we launch our real-time monthly rankings that expand to all tournament types covered by SharkScope.  These monthly rankings are updated every time a tournament is recorded in the SharkScope database, providing users with up-to-the-minute ranking accuracy.

New Usage

The “Leaderboards” tab in the player section shows that player’s rankings in the 5 most popular tournament types they have played, in addition to the number of players who have played that tournament type and what fraction of those are profitable.   (An example is shown below.)  We hope these new leaderboard additions will provide a whole new dimension helping SharkScope’s users to track progress, set goals, and improve their games.

SharkScope also adds more networks to our coverage.

SharkScope expands it’s coverage again, adding Chico, Pokerdom & Europebet! Covering Chico brings a new dimension because it’s the only site we now cover that has it all plus Chinese Poker.

Add to that the mostly Russian site PokerDom and that includes the Pineapple version of Chinese poker along with Hold Em.

Lastly Europebet which is mostly Georgian and has great Hold Em action.

We continue to strive to give you the most information in Online Poker!

Team SharkScope

SharkScope introduces new feature: Collusion Detection

Welcome Scopers to our Newest Innovation

Have you ever played in a tournament and wondered if two of your opponents were working together in some way? Have you ever looked at the performance profile of a heads-up player and think their record was too perfect to be possible? SharkScope has developed a sophisticated collusion detection tool that can help answer such questions.

Many of us think that there’s collusion in Online Poker, and in a few cases collusion is real. Fortunately, the security departments of online sites closely monitor for collusion, ridding us of the cheaters when they are found. Now, with SharkScope Collusion Detection, you can do some sleuthing of your own when you come into contact with suspicious behavior.
What is Collusion?

SharkScope defines “collusion” as the cooperation between players in online poker tournaments using communication and information-sharing outside the boundaries of normal online poker.   By communicating privately and sharing cards, two players can gain an unfair advantage over other competitors—this type of collusion is called team play. Another type of collusion is chip dumping, where one player purposely loses chips to another player.  Two players might engage in chip dumping, for example, if one person owns both accounts and wants to collect extra bonus rewards by opening more accounts and then consolidating money back into one account.

How SharkScope Detects Collusion

By examining the pair-wise performance characteristics of tournament participants when playing together vs. playing apart, we’re able to detect outlying results showing significant performance improvement when certain pairs play together–far beyond what would be expected by chance. It is important to note that we identify suspects for collusive play using indirect data—we can observe how much better players do when playing with specific individuals, but we can’t catch them “red-handed’; we have no way of knowing how the players may be communicating together and what information they may or may not be sharing.

Detecting Collusion Using the SharkScope Wedsite

For SharkScope subscribers, the process is simple. When accessing the results of a single-table tournament, a Detect Collusion button option appears. Clicking activates a process that finds possible collusion suspects and, if found, the option to report them. Once reported you’ll get a confirmation email, and we’ll then investigate the collusion claim and forward the relevant details to the poker site if it checks out.


* There was no collusion detected in the above example.

Try it for yourself and feel more secure with SharkScope’s newest feature!

**As of now this service is limited to Gold subscribers and above. The cost for using the service is 10 searches.

Thank You

The SharkScope Team, offering the world’s most accurate online poker data since 2004.




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When all is said and done the total in free money is €3000.

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Team SharkScope

Playing the new generation online casino games

Playing the new generation online casino games is providing people with all sorts of new opportunities. It’s easy to just stick with a lot of the classics within the overall niche. People can play at the same online casinos, and they can play the exact same games while they’re there. However, many people have been doing this for decades now, and there is something intrinsically exciting about being able to play some of the new generations of games. Fortunately, it is going to be easy for most people to do this given the rate at which online casino gaming developers come out with new games.


People are often astounded by the rate at which technology turns over and new technology is introduced. At one point in time, people would see the exact same level of technology throughout their entire lives. Today, even young people can see several different generations of technology throughout the course of their very brief lifetimes. It’s difficult for people to be able to get bored in an environment like this. For the most part, this is just an environment that makes a lot of people feel like everything is moving at a fast rate. It might seem like playing the new generation online casino games is something that should have happened years from now for a lot of people. However, the novelty that they’re always going to find with online casino games really can allow people to find whole new levels of enjoyment here.


Websites like the vegas palms online casino will be able to offer people all of the latest games. They will be able to easily browse through the gaming catalog on websites like the vegas palms online casino in order to find some of the newest games listed there. In most cases, it is made obvious which games are the newer ones. People are going to be able to see which games are the ones that manage to epitomize this generation of online casino games.


This generation of online casino games is obviously distinguished by the fact that mobility is so important today. This was not the case years ago, even in the early days of the mobile age. However, many of the most modern games are going to be available on mobile devices as well as on traditional devices like desktops or laptops. The new games are going to be more technically proficient than many of the older ones, and people are going to notice that right away when it comes to the mechanics of the game and the graphics of the game. Going to the casino is just a completely different experience in this the new era of online casino gaming.


This era is going to be briefer than a lot of people might think as well, given the rate of acceleration for technology. Playing the new generation online casino games is going to happen before people know it yet again, which should make people as excited as ever about the possibilities involved in this niche.

The Best Shark Themed Slot Machine Games

“Sharks have always been interesting to the audience; that’s why the shark theme was used in so many books, movies and even slot machines.”

Sharks are scary, yet gorgeous sea creatures. Regardless whether you like them or hate them, their power can’t be ignored. Therefore, the shark theme is quite popular among authors, directors and even game developers. Aside from the huge number of shark movies that hit theaters across the world on regular basis, casino game creators have been surprising players with shark-themed slots from time to time as well. Therefore, as much as you want to play with these video poker bonuses, we advise you to first check out the best slot machine games that feature a shark theme and possibly give one of them a chance.


The Great White

Named after the great white shark which people believe is a bit scarier than it really is, this SkillOnNet slot machine is extremely thrilling and entertaining. Even though there are only three paylines and three reels, making it resemble classic slots, this game enchants with its design. The playing screen is placed in a virtual slot machine that features a screen on top on the reels; on that screen, besides the game logo and the pay table, players will get the chance to see a great white shark peacefully swimming in the ocean. Even when you’re safe and sound on the ground, this video solely is enough to freeze your blood.

Shaaark! Superbet

NextGen Gaming is a leading online casino games developer and the company’s slots always offer a unique experience. The same can be said for its shark-themed Shaaark! Superbet that will certainly make you scream in terror at least once per session. The game has two gameplays; the first one is standard mode and the second one is with superbet mode activated. Aside from the difference in the bet size and prizes, there’s a difference in the background as well. The second and the scarier option is to activate the superbet feature and dive deep into the ocean. There you’ll have a perfect view of people swimming in the water, fish passing behind the screen and, you guessed it, one very hungry shark.

Shark School

Realtime Gaming is yet another developer that decided to come up with a shark-themed slot and we have to admit that their game is a little bit of weird. Even though this slot features the biggest number of sharks, it tries to depict a school where poor little fish and various types of sharks study. In addition, players will notice an angry octopus which is, in fact, the teacher. So, yeah, this is definitely a weird game. Nonetheless, sharks lifting weights, playing American football and acting like the rebel kids at school is a priceless view. Moreover, during the bonus games you get to see one of the sharks trying to eat the teacher. Creepy, right?


Wild Shark

The very first time you lay your eyes on Amatic’s Wild Shark slot you’ll think it’s based on the popular animated movie Finding Nemo (2003). Nonetheless, even though the game does feature clown fish, giant turtles and scary-smiling sharks, it’s in a no way related to the blockbuster. This game is colourful, simple and pretty rewarding. Therefore, there aren’t really any reasons to avoid it. It features 5 reels and 50 paylines, meaning the chances to hit a winning combination are high. Be warned that every time the shark symbol is part of a winning payline the smiling teeth turn into the word “wild” in a very unexpected and disturbing way.


Novomatic is a popular game developer whose top theme is the high seas. Naturally, the provider didn’t miss the opportunity to launch a shark-themed slot, which is very fun in a very unusual way. This game has some features that have never been seen before like a person rowing a boat along the reels and then swimming around collecting treasure chests. The game is pretty rewarding if you manage to trigger free spins and if the shark doesn’t appear in order to ruin things for you. Therefore, no matter how much you like watching sharks in action it’s in your best interest to cheer for the Captain on this amusing reel machine.

We have to mention that Aristocrat has developed not one, but two Jaws-themed slots; the first one simply named Jaws and the second one Jaws – The Bounty Hunter. However, these are land based machines only and it’s extremely hard to find them in casinos across the US. Therefore, regardless their awesome design and thrilling gameplay, we couldn’t list them above.


And still going strong!

PKR who has partnered with Sharkscope to give you money for your achievements continues in July and pays off big for those who played in June.

After paying out €2000 to the top 10 finishers, they held the freeroll for all other who qualified in the race.

Here are the money winners:


PlayerId Position Alias Prize
14369716 1 DrOnline €555
14396494 2 Snoozz €375
14371522 3 Treffau €223.10
14540853 4 marcelomagic €148.73
14367953 5 Sadio €114.37
14367832 6 BubbleQQ €83.87

As you can see that’s an added €1500 and congrats to DrOnline for coming in first.

Have you joined the PKR Achievements Race? It’s never too late in the month and you’re always welcome. You play on PKR, we track the achievements and you win free money.

Sound simple? It Is! Here’s the details:

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The mysterious Canadian founder of PokerStars

Have you ever played casino games at Vegas Palms? This pastime is considered to be very controversial, especially in places like the United States. In fact, it’s safe to say that this industry has been through its share of upheaval – one only has to look at the story of to see.

Interested in learning more? Keep reading for a look at the reclusive Canadian founder of PokerStars.

It wasn’t that long ago, on a yacht in the Mediterranean Sea, that a reclusive Canadian and an American Casino leader met to discuss joining forces. Together this powerful couple would join forces and begin the push to , it would begin to push for better gambling laws in the United States.

Isai Scheinberg, one of the founders of the popular gambling site, was aware that a large portion of his revenue stemmed from American customers, where this type of gaming is illegal. Always forward thinking, Mr. Scheinberg felt that if he pushed the envelope, he might be able to legalize online gambling in this huge market. But, before he began his journey, the savvy entrepreneur wanted to make sure that everything was done right. This was because, at this point in his life, he didn’t want to have to look over his shoulder.

This conversation was recounted by Steve Wynn, the founder of some of the most extravagant casinos in Las Vegas, because Mr. Steinberg is very guarded about his privacy. In fact, Mr. Scheinberg is so adamant about his privacy that he bought a house in Richmond Hill, aToronto suburb, almost 30 years ago, and is still in possession of that property today. But, if you go to his door to ask him any questions about his business, you will get no answer. He seldom returns messages either.

This is perhaps one of the reasons that many have never heard of the Scheinberg family. But, truth be told, they are what can be considered to be a Canadian success story. They are something like the Bronfmans, a Canadian family that made tons of money in the alcohol business during the US prohibition days.  In other words, they were able to take advantage of American laws and use them to their benefit.

Unfortunately, Mr. Scheinberg’s plans to change American gambling laws didn’t work out as expected. In 2011, 11 men that are affiliated with internet gambling, including Mr. Steinberg was charged with violating America gambling laws.

These charges were brought on right around the time that the current leadership of PokerStars, including Mark Scheinberg (Mr. Scheinberg’s son), were becoming more outspoken about their stance on American gambling laws.

When the charges hit, they were so sure of their innocence that they issued a statement on their site that denied any wrongdoing. Although this was a bold stance, if the court system found that they were indeed guilty of illegally obtaining US Dollars, it was possible that the older Mr. Scheinberg cumming could have paid the rest of his life in prison.

This crackdown on online casino owners, like Mr. Scheinberg and others, wasn’t the first time that lawmakers in Washington have tried to control online gambling. But, this prosecution in 2011 was unprecedented. In fact, some said that it was so ambitious, it could be essentially be considered to be a declaration of war against the global casino industry.

The charges resulted in PokerStars losing a lot of money from millions of American customers, a number of TV contracts, as well as a partnership with Wynn Resort. Thankfully, their operations in other jurisdictions like in Canada and Europe, helped this company deal with the US shutdown, although in a diminished form.

What do you think of the Scheinbergs? Do you believe that Mr. Scheinberg should’ve been prosecuted? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, we are very interested in your opinion.


SharkScope Achievements Awarded Free Cash by Online Giant PKR!

As our SharkScope Achievements host PKR gave away a stunning €3500 in total just for playing on PKR. €2000 came by being in the top 10 on our achievements leader board and €1500 in a freeroll on PKR as well. All you have to do is play on PKR to be eligible.

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In 1st place “Sinosolon” got €525. Just missing by 4 achievements was “plactuk.” Got 2nd but wasn’t unhappy as they collected €400. The top 10 all got paid!

If that wasn’t enough, anyone who turned over at least 5 achievements got a free entry in the €1500 free roll. That happens the 2nd Sunday of the following month you qualified.


When all is said and done the total in free money is €3500.

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Team SharkScope

Team PKR