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Version 2.38 Released on 18 Apr 2023

This update contains the following:

  • New feature: Option for keeping HUD on top when table windows partially visible.
  • New feature: Added statistics ‘Won when saw flop’ (WWSF). Reseting database needed if full history required.
  • SharkScope: Added ‘Entries’ to SharkScope statistics.
  • 888Poker: Tournament summary errors with Portuguese, Russian and Spanish words fixed.
  • 888Poker: Mixed English with Portuguese/Spanish hand history parsing improved further.
  • 888Poker: Parsing free tournament summaries cases improved.
  • 888Poker: Added Ontario site to SharkScope player query networks.
  • iPoker: Added experimental support for Omaha Hi/Lo.
  • iPoker: Added support for more date format cases.
  • GGPoker: Rake parsing error cases fixed.
  • Winamax: Added null check for results declarations.
  • Tournaments: Final table number of seats change allowed.
  • Report issue: Added ‘Include older logs’ – checkbox, usually not needed.
  • You can add new suggestions to
  • See from ‘Help-menu/What’s New?’ for a complete release notes history of each version.
  • Users of older versions are recommended to update to the latest.
  • Good luck with your games! May the Poker Gods be generous!