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2017 Leaderboards Completed – Cheers to the winners

Happy New Year everyone, we hope it was a good and profitable year.

Our 2017 Leaderboards are now closed and this year we have all new names atop the 4 main leader boards!

For profit and after all that’s the bottom line, the big moneyin the top 4 places all had over 1 million in winnings. In first was Svzff at 1.78 million followed by Epiphany77 at 1.23 million then came Sordykrd 1.18 and our last millionaire was Joshuah333 with 1.13

Then we see that there are great players all over the world. Represented are Estonia, Ukraine, Malta and Mexico. Noqqx led the wat with a total of $315,967 followed by Sauron 1 at $253,181 then Zimiso7 at $229,162 and in 4th place was at $144,451

In the count catagory, we are only listing the first place in this post. Slayerv1fan played 202,004. Where does he get the time? He might need a new mouse a month!!

The best 500 streak average profit belongs to a WPN player named V2the3 who averaged a very respectful $153. The 100 count category was led by  Stevie444 from Mexico at $616.96

One of my favorite categories is Single Table Wins in a row. Who wouldn’t love to win 10 in a row? Ajax109 accomplished just that.

Want to see your favorite category? Head on over to the Sharkscope Leaderboard page and check it out. Some of the accomplishments are amazing!

Want to be listed on the Sharkscope Leaderboard page, go there now and submit your name.

Don’t forget to checkout the New SharkScope Desktop. This all in one tool proved to be a great success in 2017 and more networks and refinements are due in 2018, so get yours today!

Have a GREAT 2018 and the 2018 leader boards are now open!!!

SharkScope Team