Pokerstars says “No Mas” to Colombia

Pokerstars decided to leave Colombia due to the government crackdown on unlicensed sites.

Amidst all the changes of losing a country we were thinking it would be interesting to see the effects that it caused. So we put together Country by Country numbers from Pokerstars SNGs.

We started with the previous month of July and then compared it to August. Turned out the results we saw created a very interesting view.
It was very clear to see how the departure of just one country can affect a global market using Player Profit as a matrix..

Here we see what “SNG Player Profit by Country” was in July.

The Top Ten lines up like this:
1. Venezuela
2. Colombia
3. Serbia
4. Belarus, 5.Uzbekistan, 6.Bosnia & Herzegovina, 7.Ukraine, 8.Poland, 9.Argentina and 10.The Philippines.

There’s probably questions in your mind as to why some of the countries that you were expecting to see, or you may live in, aren’t on the list.
Can you figure out why? Will they show up on August’s Leaderboard?

Let’s see!

In August where Colombia, our 2nd ranked country in July, unhappily disappeared from the list.

The top 3,came in this way:
1st Venezuela
2nd Georgia
3rd Bosnia & Herzegovina

But did Colombia still play a role?
The answer is yes, because many of the players relocated to neighboring countries.
We saw upward trends in Peru, Ecuador, Brazil and Bolivia.
It’s also suggests that by adding players from Columbia, it may have helped Venezuela keep it’s number 1 position.

More to come!




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