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PokerStars Opt-In Weekly Cash Give Away

In order to reward players who have chosen to Opt-In to our PokerStars tracking, we are excited to announce that we are now offering a weekly $1000 cash give away.

Starting in June, every Sunday at midnight PST new prize icons, worth between $100 and $1000, will appear next to randomly chosen Opted-In player names who have not reset their statistics. If you win, you have until the following Sunday to email us at and claim your prize, otherwise the prize is lost.

All prizes will be paid directly into the winning PokerStars accounts and the PokerStars account must be able to receive money within the claim period (no exceptions).

Any unclaimed prize money will be put back into the prize pool for the following week.

Pacific coverage now includes Scheduled and Omaha games

SharkScope announces that it has improved its tracking of the Pacific network by including Scheduled and Omaha games.

Although Pacific has been tracked by SharkScope since 2006, and captured almost 15 million games, today’s announcement upholds SharkScope’s commitment to not only include new networks but continually improve its tracking of well-established networks too.