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Now tracking Barriere Poker and the network

SharkScope has now added coverage of both Barriere Poker and the networks, bringing the current total tracked to seven French networks since online poker licensing commenced in France in early July. is a network consisting of a number of skins including and

Barriere and customers can now enjoy up-to-the-minute poker results on more than 99% of all games played, along with tournament searching and SharkScope’s innovative “Tournament Selector” functionality.

SharkScope HUD Enhancements

In the recent release of the SharkScope HUD we’ve made a number of enhancements that have been requested by users. The most important change is that the latest HUD now fully uses the new SharkScope API which means it now has access to all the 30+ statistics that you can view on the main website.


The change also means that all types of advanced filters created on the site are supported where as previously only a subset could be used and all player classes created on the site will now appear as icons in the HUD overlays (instead of having to configure classes separately in the HUD).

Other improvements include the option of the statistics overlays configured to use multiple lines,


the ability to configure color rules based on any of the 30+ plus statistics


and improved graphs that also link directly to the player on the SharkScope website when clicked.