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Now tracking & the Dollaro network

SharkScope continues its mission to track every online tournament by adding coverage of the French facing poker site, along with the Dollaro network which caters to the rest of the world (excluding the US).

Whilst many player’s will not of heard of the Dollaro network which is made up of the and sites, it is extremely popular and regularly makes it into the top 10 highest traffic networks globally. The network is primarily focussed on the Italian market but allows players from all over the world, with the exception of the US.

Partouche is a smaller regulated independent site that exclusively serves the French market and is backed by the powerful Partouche group that owns a large number of Casinos in France. Recent Partouche promotions have included the Partouche Poker Tour series of live tournaments and €10,000 in freerolls for new depositors.

Hot Topic: Guarantees and Overlays

SharkScope has now added Guarantee and Overlay filters to its already extensive set of tournaments filters that allow players to view their statistics from specific tournaments and see upcoming tournaments.

On the player statistics page you can now view your results from tournaments which had a certain size guarantee or had an overlay on the tournament where a guarantee wasn’t met and the poker site had to add money to the tournament. Find out how much more money you make in these value tournaments.


Do these tournaments attract more novice players, further enhancing your profit or are they just attracting too many sharks, savvy enough to look for this extra value?

How big does the overlay have to be to increase your profitability by 50%?

These questions and more can be answered by the Guaranteed and Overlay filters.

These new filters also add extra to the tournament selector. You can now look for upcoming scheduled tournaments with the biggest overlays on all networks.


Using this you’ll never miss the biggest value tournaments on the internet and could massively increase your profit.

Full Tilt so far so….I don’t know

Just like many of us I was a victim of Black Friday.

Luckily I had no balance on Poker Stars, but I did have a small sum on Full Tilt. I followed the directions on the Garden City Group site and registered prior to September 16th as a player who had funds due me. On Sept. 17th I got an email from Garden City Group, albeit in my spam folder, telling me exactly what balance I was due, and even though I had a memory of about what my balance was, it turned out that they were spot on.

So, so far everything has gone perfectly. Of course until I get those funds transferred into my account I still don’t know what, where or when. I assume they need to finish the process which has a deadline for processing of November 16th. By then they should see if their claims are outweighed by the funds available or not. Judging by the accuracy of the amount they had in my email, they should be spot on and all will go well. I’ll keep you all updated

Hope that helps