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Welcome to SharkScopers, Hosted by the PokerMD

My name is Warren Karp

docWhen I first developed PokerMD it was a way to give back to the poker community and to help each other learn. When Online Poker became a reality we shared ideas and strategies that helped us to do well in an emerging market. One of the tools we learned about was Sharkscope. We learned how it worked and took advantage of the many facets of data it provided. Remember in poker, knowledge is king and SharkScope provided plenty of knowledge by way of data and statistics. The conversation went on as new pieces of information became available and as I travelled around I found that the conversation was continuing offline as well.

SharkScope is the oldest and best known poker tournament tracking website. Since it was established in 2005, it has consistently ranked in the top 10 most visited poker content websites in the world. We take pride in the accuracy of our tracking and the amount of novel and unique features we offer all classes of poker players from novices up to high volume professionals. Consequently, around 20% of all online poker tournament players visit SharkScope each month.

Here’s the great part. Not only can you read about new and important features here but we’ve set up a FaceBook Page as well where you can find discounts, specials and post questions and get answers. Like us there and get full access.

Were also on Twitter @SharkScope and on Google+ so come “HangOut” with us

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Hope That Helps

Warren Karp

1.5% Skrill Cashback Promo

Skrill ran 1% cashback promotions in the past already.
Starting at Friday, 26th of July 2013, they start their highest cashback promo ever: You will receive 1.5% of your transfers from your Skrill account to qualified merchants.

Make sure to register your new or existing Skrill account with our partner VIP-Cashback using the bonus-code “SharkScope” to earn a decent extra cashback and to become Skrill VIP within 48h.

During the promotion our clients earn at least 18 EUR for every 1k EUR in transfers to qualified merchants.

Even without the promo our clients often collect a monthly cashback as high as their poker rakeback. Don’t miss your chance to get tracked with the biggest Skrill ambassador worldwide


SharkScope announces “SharkScope Subscribers Insurance”

The game of poker can be a roller coaster, ups and downs, and a mix of winning and losing sessions are inevitable. Especially in online poker where you’re seeing many more hands than Brick & Mortar poker. But how are you doing overall and how was your month?

At SharkScope we help you analyze your statistics so you can be a better player and, when used correctly to help you avoid all the sharks out there, should create a positive EV. Now we’re so sure that our tool works we’re willing to back it up with “SharkScope Subscribers Insurance”!

Here’s how it works:

You buy a monthly subscription to SharkScope and have a losing month* and we’ll give you the next month for free!

You buy a 3 month subscription to SharkScope and have a losing 3 months* and we’ll give you the next 3 months for free!

You buy a 12 month subscription to SharkScope and have a losing year* and we’ll give you a year free!

We’ve all had positive and negative sessions but SharkScope as a tool is here to help make those negative sessions occur less and less frequently, and we’re willing to back it up with “SharkScope Subscribers Insurance”!

Information is power so sign up now and start educating your game, and should you lose you’ll have insurance. So how can you lose??

Here’s what you need to do to get the insurance:

You must purchase a NEW subscription Between July 3rd & July 10th, that’s the cut-off date, then after logging in, you need to go here and configure your personal player names, then finally should you unfortunately have a losing subscription period email and say “I want Insurance” in the subject line. That’s it!!

SharkScope and you….a winning combination!

*According to our reporting for the player names you configure at the time of the purchase, Networks not covered don’t count towards earnings, Live play, cash games and Brick & Mortar sessions don’t count towards totals.
**You may be asked to confirm ownership of the configured player names.