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PokerStars “All-in Cash Out” now supported by SharkScope Desktop

SharkScope’s Desktop HUD and hand tracker now work fully with all-in cash out hands.

PokerStars recently introduced “all-in cash-out” on some tables. Here’s how it works:

When an all-in situation occurs in a cash game and players’ hands are revealed (before the river and with no more action pending), we calculate each hand’s probability to win the pot and assign a cash out value to each hand, based on those probabilities.

Players in the all-in pot will be presented with the option to cash out their hand and receive the cash out amount, risk-free. If they decline, they will continue to contest the entire pot (and any side pots in which they are involved) as usual.

Once a player chooses to cash out they will no longer be eligible to contest any portion of the pot, and will receive the offered amount added to their stack immediately.

Players declining the cash out option will still need the best hand at showdown to win the pot, even if all their opponents have cashed out.

So that’s how all-in cash out works. But should you use it?

Well, it’s your call, or fold. That’s because by definition it is a “minus EV” feature.

PokerStars writes:

The cash out value offered is calculated per the formula below:

Hand value = (pot size – rake) x probability of winning

They call it hand value, but it is also the exact formula for Equity Value.

PokerStars doesn’t give you the full hand value:

We apply a 1% cash out fee on value of your hand (not the entire pot), deducted prior to offering the cash out amount.

So all-in cash out gives you precisely 1% below your equity value (EV).

Good poker players know they need to take every chance to maximize EV. A feature offered by PokerStars that eats away at EV is, in my opinion, something you should avoid.

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