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Version 2.12 Released on 31 May 2021

This update contains the following:

  • Fix: Hand history database out of memory fix when converting from old SharkScope Desktop 1.

Version 2.11 Released on 28 May 2021

This update contains the following:

  • Fix: HUD player popup menu shows also when statistics labels are set off from HUD options, HUD, Layouts.
  • Winamax Mac OS hand history folder auto-detection modified to detect the new locations.

SharkScope Desktop 2.0 Incredible Update

We thank you, your feedback helped shape this MUCH more versatile tool, bring you increased functionality and ease of use.

We’ve added Support for 4 New Game Types

Now you can take advantage of Poker Copilot’s power to boost and perfect your strategy for Omaha Hi/Lo, Omaha 5, Omaha 6, and Courchevel.

On-Demand SharkScope Searching

Multi-Table Tournaments utilize many SharkScope daily searches. That puts a strain on Silver subscriptions. You now have the power to individually control the tables that pull user’s results.

Important New Stats

Limp (in and out position), Called 3-bet, Check/Fold

In-HUD Integrated Leak Detector

Now quickly adapt your strategy based on your or your opponent’s leaks! You can get hold of this powerful tool right in your HUD.

Immediate leak Calculation

Now you can choose to perform leak calculations without the need of clicking anywhere.

Custom Hand Type Filter

Take advantage of another by-hand type filter, to better understand what you do with your hole cards.

Scalable Database File Location

If you coach others or handle different strategies, now you can handle more than one database.

Manually Copy or Remove Specific Hands or Tournaments From Database

You can now multi-select hands or tournaments for deletion and copy.

Replayer Functionality

Improved visibility and revamped appearance with interchangeable backgrounds.

Improved SharkScope Info Display

Detailed SharkScope statistics are now shown in a clearer, more usable layout (requires Silver SharkScope Subscription or higher).

Real-Time Log Console

If you’d wish to have more control of your software or would like to troubleshoot an issue, you can now see the inner workings in real-time.

SharkScope Desktop 2.0

Much more to use, much more to learn!

Made more complete, to help you earn!

Coming soon!