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Coverage of the Everleaf network added

SharkScope is now tracking tournament results on the Everleaf network. Everleaf is a small but fast growing network that accepts players from all countries including the US and includes skins such as Luvin Poker.

Coverage of the MicroGaming Network Added

SharkScope now supports the tracking of results on the Microgaming network, along with tournament selection features. This network includes many large skins such as Ladbrokes and Unibet and is the roughly the 9th largest Poker network.

SharkScope now available in Italian and German

As of today, SharkScope can be used in Italian and German. SharkScope will now automatically show you one of those languages based on your web browser settings, or you can manually select the Language you desire from the Options menu.

We’ll be adding more languages over the next few months….

Leaderboard Competition Winners

The results are in. okayBLAM has won the NON-US leaderboard competition and GottNuttz is the victor in the US leaderboard. Coincidentally, they each finished with a streak of 12. okayBLAM and GottNuttz will receive $400, 1 hour of coaching from PimpinDonks, a 1 year SharkScope membership, 30 SharkScopers credits, and a diamond Star Icon.

Overall, our first competition was a great success! A big thanks goes out to PlayersOnly and SunPoker for adding to the prizepool and allowing us to do this on their network.

NON-US leaderboard results

Ranking Username $$ won Credits won SS subscription Pimpindonks coaching
1 okayBLAM $400 30 Credits 1 year 1 hour
2 Landsbanki $150 15 Credits 5 months 1 hour
2 konfetka4 $150 15 Credits 5 months 1 hour
4 ShipSauce 2 Credits 1 month
5 imagino07 2 Credits 1 month


US Leaderboard results

Ranking Username $$ won Credits won SS subscription Pimpindonks coaching
1 GottNuttz $400 30 Credits 1 year 1 hour
2 xMarvel $150 15 Credits 5 months 1 hour
3 dan08 $100 10 Credits 3 months 1 hour
4 MattB5784 2 Credits 1 month
5 fingerbutt2 2 Credits 1 month

Here’s the latest status of the prize payouts:

  • SharkScopers credits have been credited to your account.
  • SharkScopeAdmin has credited winners SharkScope accounts with subscriptions
  • PlayersOnly and SunPoker have been instructred to pay out cash winnings. Players only has paid.
  • I’ve sent Mark a list of the coaching winners to contact. Mark has contacted all the winners to schedule a coaching session