And still going strong!

PKR who has partnered with Sharkscope to give you money for your achievements continues in July and pays off big for those who played in June.

After paying out €2000 to the top 10 finishers, they held the freeroll for all other who qualified in the race.

Here are the money winners:


PlayerId Position Alias Prize
14369716 1 DrOnline €555
14396494 2 Snoozz €375
14371522 3 Treffau €223.10
14540853 4 marcelomagic €148.73
14367953 5 Sadio €114.37
14367832 6 BubbleQQ €83.87

As you can see that’s an added €1500 and congrats to DrOnline for coming in first.

Have you joined the PKR Achievements Race? It’s never too late in the month and you’re always welcome. You play on PKR, we track the achievements and you win free money.

Sound simple? It Is! Here’s the details:

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