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Winamax Introduces the Hit & Run Satellite!

A very interesting twist on what I see as a “modified” Super Satellite.

Normally in a Super (a feeder tournament) there are seats to an upcoming event. This is a great way for players to pay less for an upcoming event by winning the feeder or for those with lesser bankrolls, the opportunity to play in an event that they wouldn’t normally shell out money for. Ok everything normal so far.

Most satellites of this kind pay out 10% of the field. So let’s use an example.

The tournament that you’re trying to get into costs 100 (no rake), just 100. So if the satellite pays 10%, then 1 out of every 10 players win a ticket to the upcoming tournament. Simple right.

To add to the example let’s say there are exactly 100 players that enter the event. The last 10 players, regardless of chip count would win the seat. Yes, even if you only have 1 chip left. This format benefits the survivor, not the guy who likes to amass a mountain of chips, because at the end, a large stack gets you an equal prize to a 1 chip stack. Still we’re on standard ground.

To make it even clearer, if the ticket cost 100, then every player has to pay 10 to enter. That means that for every 10 players it adds up to 100.

This is where normal ends and here’s the twist.

Twist 1:

To win a seat here at Winamax, you’ll need to amass 20% of the chips in play (1 out of 5 players), so let’s go to an example. There are 100 players all starting with 1000 in chips. That’s 100,000. So in order to win a seat you’ll need to amass 20% of the chips or 20,000 chips. Another way to put it is you’ll need 20 times your starting stack. 20X1000 = 20,000.

Twist 2:

Once you’ve reached the 20,000 in chips, your satellite is over. You’ve now won a seat and you’re removed from the tournament. Voiala, no further risk, you’ve done your job and won a seat.

Twist 3

You’re chips are then put back into play, being divided equally by the remaining number of players. In other words your chip count will automatically increase. Sweet if you’re a short stack. Not bad if you’re a big stack either, the added chips might just put you over the top and get a seat.

Twist 4

Play continues in the same format until all the seats are given away. So there’ll be more chips available everytime someone gets knocked IN so it should be easier to reach the chip count goal.

Twist 5

If there’s an overage, play continues with a winner take all format. Here’s the example: 104 players enter leaving 4 buy ins. Those 4 buy ins do not add up to a full seat. So there’d be 4 x 10 or 40 left over after all the seats are awarded. The remaining players then play a winner takes all format. So the last player standing wins the remaining money.

The more things that change the better it is to freshen up poker. This is a great twist and you’ll need to change your strategy in trying to win this Super Satellite twist.

Bravo Winamax on both Espresso and Hit & Run. We applaud your innovations.

Team Sharkscope