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Enhanced iPoker and tracking

SharkScope has overhauled its tracking of the iPoker network, including The new system improves coverage and adds “Tournament Selector” functionality, including the ability to search by Tournament ID for registering and running games. The tracking has also been designed to be much more resilient to client change which should result in significantly reduced downtime.

Public Beta launched for new the website!

SharkScope is proud to announce that public access is now available to the beta version of our entirely new website.

Please note that as this is beta software, so there will be bugs and we want to know about them. We are also looking for as much feedback as possible. What features do you like, dislike and what else would you like to see added?

There are too many new features to mention all of them but here’s some of the main ones:


  • Search all networks at once for a player name.
  • Linkable pages and browser back button support.
  • Native currency support. Previously SharkScope was natively storing data in USD. Now you can search natively in any of our supported currencies.

Advanced Search

  • Many new game type filters e.g. Rush and Easy Tournaments
  • Option to Exclude any game types.
  • Show first, best and worst x number of results.

Player Results Table

  • Sparkline graphs integrated into statistics tables.
  • Customizable player results table (choose from over 30 different statistics).
  • Re-sizable results table
  • Private player notes.
  • Create public and private player groups. Option to consolidate those groups into a single player name.


  • Zoomable Interactive Graphs
  • 1 click export to jpeg

Tournament Selector

  • One search now auto refreshes for 1 minute.
  • Average Ability Column option.

Tournament Results Display

  • Registering tournaments auto refresh.
  • Overall Tournament statistics shown for all tournaments including completed ones. tracking restored

Unfortunately a bug introduced in the client last month was preventing us from tracking results for the past few weeks. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience and tracking has now fully resumed.

We are hopeful we will be able to recover all the missed tournaments and should be able to give a definitive answer on this pretty soon.

As a side benefit of the new tracking system we have in place we will be upgrading our support for in the next few days to include it in the tournament selector and allow the searching by running and registering tournament ids.