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2015 Leaderboard Highlights

Happy New Year everyone, we hope it was a good and profitable year.

Our 2015 Leaderboards are now closed and this year we have all new names atop the 4 main leader boards!

Furkay (Russia) took top honors in the all important SNG profit category, topping out at just under 170 thousand dollars. Furkay crushed it by besting the second place finisher Jorj95 (Canada) by $20,000.

How do you beat someone who lives on the computer playing poker for hours on end and multi-tabling to boot? Simple all you have to do is be Leshiy588 from Belarus. He played 228,678 SNGs. In order to do that you play in your house, on the road, on a bus and at the beach! FXCO (Slovakia) just couldn’t keep up logging only 146,554 SNGs. That’s over 80,000 more games!

Last year in Stevie444 and Skaiwalkurrr were all over the leaderboards, but both could only reach 6th and 5th respectively as the overall leader in Best 100 Streak Average Profit went to NikolasDLP  from Russia earning just under 1 Million Dollars. Wow that’s a lot of caviar!

Moving on up to Best 500 Streak Avg. Profit, while all the above winners were on the list, the Top Honors went to, Smokrokflock from  Canada with an average of $234.67

All of the above tournaments are on our main leaderboard page and all were achieved on PokerStars.

If there was one trend that we saw it was hoe Spin N Go’s effected the over all leader boards.

Total winnings and counts were down across the board as Sp N Go’s and Jackpot SNGs became more prevelant, taking many players away from Regular SNGs and MTTs.

Any Game by Country turned out to be a big hit and the list of countries represented is 52 and growing!

Last but certainly not least is Citoject from Bulgaria  won over 1 million in scheduled tournaments. That total is down by $500.000, but I’ll take a million anytime!

All in all 2015 was a great year for SharkScope and Online Poker. We want to thank all of you who participated and most of all we really appreciate your posts, chats and emails referring SharkScope to your friends! Don’t forget to like our Facebook page

Don’t forget 2015 brought the New SharkScope Desktop. This all in one tool proved to be a great success in 2015 and more networks and refinements are due in 2016, so get yours today!

Have a GREAT 2016 as the 2016 leader boards are now open!!!

SharkScope Team