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Has anyone seen the Last Guy in line?

Today in the $1500 NLHE event there were 831 entries.Has anyone seen the guy who played in the 1st big NLHE event that made the total entries 832. Once again they are paying 81 places in today’s event which makes this a much flatter payout than any of the previous year’s events. In fact this payout is the flattest of any tournament I’ve ever attended. Many players are grumbling but I think the masses are in favor of this payout structure. After all many more people are walking away saying they made the money in a WSOP event.
What’s your take on it? Post your responses in the forum section.

It is also evident that the online companies are once again using the WSOP as a forum to plug their websites. Jackets, shirts and hats abound, deals are being cut and representatives are crowding around the final 36 players as they head toward the final table.

Even the Horseshoe has gained the understanding of what TV has done to this industry, in their most recent ad in Card Player, the televised events are highlighted. This is clever marketing and shows that if you televise it, they will come!!

Late Night at the WSOP has settled into a very nice 11-13K 1st place zone. It’s a very nice zone for a $225.00 buy-in, usually paying the last 2 tables.

Scheduled for the 19th and 20th are $1045.00 buy-ins for the late night events that culminate in seats to the WSOP. This has become a very popular way to get into championship events. Expect a very big crowd, long lines and lots of seats into the Big One. I look forward to seeing all of you there

Final Table Sandwich

Just walked downstairs to see the Final Table.

This deadly foursome, who might just be the best at putting pressure on the BB & SB while in the button and cut-off, and making re-raises from the SB & BB when the cut-off & button steals..will be playing the ultimate mind game today as they go against each other
Seat 1 Mike Matusow
Seat 2 Daniel Negreanu
Seat 8 John Juanda
Seat 9 Paul Phillips

Look for them to attack all the meat in-between the to ends of the sandwich.

On another note Dan Goldman from Pokerstars won a seat to the big dance, after which he came over to me and said Warren, I have a whole new strategy for winning..really I said?…Yes, drinking during the event, it was my formula for success tonight.

13K, Slim and Toby Maguire

Toby Maguire signed up and played in his very 1st WSOP event today. His girlfriend who also plays the game and very well I might add was on the sidelines rooting him on today. We’ll see how he spider’s his way through the web of 538 players today. 13K seems to be the magic number for the 1st place prize in the Second Chance Tournaments. Every night we start out slow with registration but by shuffle up and deal time (10:45) we end up averaging 185-200. The tournament goes to about 4:30 AM, but that’s only a problem if you win it.

Amarillo “Slim” Preston was here today making his 1st appearance at the WSOP since his well documented troubles.

PokerMD coaches the Coach to WSOP bracelet

Carl “Coach” Nessel a local player from the Socal area is probably one of the nicest guys in the game. I met him about 2 years ago when he started frequenting the tournaments.

Shortly after I started this website he called me and said “Warren my game is suffering and I need some advice. Will you help me?”

152, 832, 206, 258 the numbers don’t lie

The numbers above represent the entries in the WSOP tournaments. It seems that what we thought was a blow up in the WPT events is an explosion in the World Series.

PokerMD returns from 4 days and 50K

What a great experience I had playing the Bellagio Championship event. This was an event I was going to skip completely, getting ready to work the WSOP and the 25K entry fee of course. I am very glad now to have had the opportunity.

Moneymaker’s Real Name Is.

Moneymaker/s Real Name Is.In the Beginning… In the electronic age, the growth of anything can usually be measured by its exposure – and, surely, poker on television is everywhere.

n examining the explosion of poker, there are many things to which one can point; of course, the two biggest would have to be the World Series of Poker and the World Poker Tour. Now that poker has become a star, it seems logical that stars will emerge from the game – or has that already happened?

Jimmy Kimmel sends Cousin Sal to the WSOP

Last night while meeting the guys at the Kimmel show we discussed how Sal was going to play in the Main Event at the WSOP.
This is a great opportunity to add to the coverage that the WSOP will get this year. Jimmy plans on doing remotes from the event during his show while Sal plays. (Jimmy Kimmel Live films live every night on ABC at 9PM PDT)

Is this the 2nd Biggest Day in Poker?

I know what your thinking, the 5 Diamond Classic is going on, Hollywood Park has a small tournament, but that’s it. How can this be the 2nd biggest day in Poker??