Archive for February 2004

St. Maarten and the International Poker Federation (IPF)

Running tournaments has become a particular joy to me. In the early part of 2002, I started complaining about the way tournaments were run. I complained about things like starting times, structures, rules, penalties, and so on.

Trip Report… or Unfortunately no trip at all

Chumash Casino in Santa Ynez, very close to Santa Barbara invited me to come and play in their “Who wants to be a Millionaire” Tournament. This will be a 100 NLH buy-in event with some very nice prizes.

Survived the 1st 2 Knockdowns

Two nights ago in the $500 NLH at Commerce I had to overcome some unbelievable odds just to make the money. I had three very interesting hands; luckily I had enough chips to survive each of these. All accept the last one of course. The 1st occurred early on with small blinds. A gentleman 2 under the gun raised from 15 to 60. In the early stages of a tournament you’ll often get many callers here. I had KQ suited in diamonds and wanted to see the flop. I called, as did 4 others.