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SharkScope develops a new entry into the Poker Tracking HUD market with it’s New SharkScope Desktop HUD 1.0

SharkScope has always featured information that turned into an important add-on for Tournament and SNG players. SharkScope provided the ability to get historical and up to the minute statistics of online players when they play tournaments. The tag line is “Avoid the Sharks” and while that is very true, it also gave players a chance to search their own data, which ultimately helped those savvy enough to break down the stats, to better their own game and ultimately become a positive ROI player.

Early on SharkScope created an online HUD (Heads Up Display) that over-layed on the table the same information players could get on the site, but it was real time and right there on the screen that you are playing on.

There were and are other choices for HUDs but they displayed a completely different set of figures and percentages. They tracked the hand histories and broke down the data into a percentage type overlay that would give you a real-time read on how an opponent played over time. (Percentage of raising on the button, the percentage they defended the Big Blind, a Percentage of continuation bets on the flop, and many many more key indicators) These HUDs not only take into account hand histories, they add real-time information as well, so as each hand ends the data updates. Further, you can do a self-analysis on your play. This allows you to find your strengths and weaknesses and break them down into your key indicators, such as type of games (Hold Em, Omaha, Etc.), blind amounts, bet sizing etc. Lastly, they also covered ring games (Cash tables), so you can build your bankroll using those stats one hand at a time.

All in all, if you’re serious about becoming a better player, both types of HUDS are vital to improving your game, and both gave you different stats and percentages, so both were extremely helpful and necessary. No one can dispute that information in poker is king!

As most progressive companies do today, SharkScope improved, upgraded and re-designed their HUD to better meet the needs of their customers worldwide, so SharkScope married the two types of HUDs, as only SharkScope could, because the other HUDs that are available have no access to SharkScope’s data.

Welcome to the New SharkScope Desktop HUD 1.0!

Why now? Well, it’s because the players today are much more number and percentages centric and after all “Poker starts and ends with math”.

Competition in the Online Poker HUD market is great for players. The players input has literally re-built these HUDs. They all had a great base of features’ but the players spoke about what they’d like to see and the designers listened. In doing so, all the HUDs were defined and then redefined many times till it became the fine-tuned Online Poker Tool that it is today.

SharkScope saw this as an opportunity to do something that the other HUDs couldn’t do. They developed a HUD that could do, well everything. The reason is that while SharkScope has access to the same information that the other HUDs have, none of the other HUDs have access to SharkScope’s information. Add to that a hand replayer and it becomes THE most complete HUD on the market today.


The New SharkScope Desktop HUD is always going to be a work in progress. The game of poker is ever evolving and so it only follows that the HUD will continue to evolve. That can happen with your questions, and ideas, as well as giving us all your feedback, the good and the better or anything you think should be refined. And there’s nothing too small or too big that you can tell us. The goal is for all of us to have access to a World Class HUD, the Gold Standard in our industry, and we can only get there with your input. Because of your help up till now, in the very near future we’ll be announcing many new Ground Breaking Features and those using the HUD will be the first to try them out.

Flexibility…there are options within the HUD which allows you to customize what you see on the overlay, so if the full suite is more than you want simply click a few buttons and now it’s YOUR HUD, molded to display exactly what you want to see.

SharkScope Desktop 1.0 is now officially released. The Desktop is a revolutionary application that combines the tracking of hand histories with the HUD display of SharkScope statistics and SharkScope database Syncing.

The HUD and data sync are included in Silver subscriptions, whereas the Hand Tracker requires a Gold subscription or for a stand-alone purchase.

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SharkScope and 888 New Jersey form alliance for Player Data

Date Line: New Jersey May 15th 2015










To further enhance SharkScope’s coverage, we approached 888 and was given the green light to provide tournament data–both MTTs and SNGs–to Sharkscope subscribers. The move was made to benefit 888NJ players, who can now access their data and track their quality of play to monitor their performance and improve their game.

We applaud 888NJ for their understanding of customer service as it relates to players. They understand that many players won’t play on a site where they can’t get stats (especially those who multi-table) and want to provide 888 New Jersey players access to these tools.

There are many promotions that 888 would like to introduce with this new SharkScope feature, such as $30.00 free (no deposit needed) and a deposit bonus of 100% up to $888.00.

At SharkScope we couldn’t be happier to work with a premier network like 888, and we’re thrilled at their generosity with sign-up bonuses.

If you use SharkScope and play online in New Jersey, you now have it all with 888 NJ.

Team SharkScope
Team 888NJ