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Activity Feed for Videos and Blogs

We’ve introduced a forum style activity feed for our videos and blogs categories as a clear and simple way of viewing the newest posts and comments in these categories. They’re located underneath their menu items in the drop-down list.
This should keep discussions relevant longer and show which topics are generating the most interest.

If you haven’t already, critique a video you’ve unlocked, join in on a discussion, or start your own. SharkScopers is an extremely community oriented site. We’ve seen much higher interest in the videos that have multiple positive comments vs. the ones with negative or no comments, and authors love to see a reply on their posts.

FullTilt Tracking Back Up (Mostly)

We are pleased to announce that our coverage of FullTilt results has now resumed after the recent FullTilt update to a new cross platform client.

We are now tracking the vast majority of tournament results again (with the current exception of Matrix tournaments which we hope to add tomorrow and scheduled tournaments which will follow shortly after).

We are still working on the Tournament Selector so it will be a little while before this is up and running. However the searching of registering and running games by Tournament ID is available again.

The SharkScope HUD has been tested to work with the latest FullTilt update, but if you are still experiencing any problems please contact with the details.

FullTilt updated their software on the 8th of July and tracking resumed on around the 12th of July. Unfortunately all tournaments played between those dates have been missed and cannot be retrieved.

We cannot insert missed results based on user reports because we require independent verification of all results to protect the integrity of our database.

Thanks for bearing with us…..

Improved Ongame coverage

SharkScope continues to improve its coverage of Ongame’s new P5 client by today announcing increased tournament searching capabilities and significantly reduced tracking time.

Searching for Ongame tournaments by the new P5 tournament reference is now supported for both running and registering games. In addition, the “Tournament Selector” function has been enabled for Ongame for the first time. These powerful features are backed by huge improvements in the Ongame tracking time with most tournament results now appearing on the system within minutes.