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iPoker switches to opt-in system


We’re sorry to announce that the iPoker network, which consists of skins such as Everest Poker, Poker770 and William Hill has chosen to switch to a FullTilt style opt-in system, where by all results from games with less than 30 players are hidden by default, until that player opts in. Opting in and out is now a very simply process of finding the special SharkScope cash table in the iPoker client and typing either optin or optout in the chat box.

The changes will affect both the SharkScope website and the SharkScope HUD, but ensures that SharkScope and all its tools continue to be fully permitted by the iPoker network.

Details of the opt-in and opt-out system can be found here:



iPoker players which are currently listed in our leaderboards will be automatically considered opted-in for the next 3 months, to give them time to opt-in manually during that time without losing their place on those leaderboards.

Whilst in the short term these rule changes do reduce the amount of information available to most users with regards to looking at other iPoker player statistics, there are still many ways SharkScope can still be used effectively and in particular users should review the VS Me functionality:

  • Versus Me Functionality

    Once you have configured your own player names if you search a player who has not opted in yet, or even has blocked their name, you will see the full statistics derived from the games that you have played against that player.

Please bear with us during the transition to this new system as It will take a little time for us to get to the critical mass of players opted-in and we appreciate your patience. However if you are a current subscriber and wish to discuss your subscription please contact support@sharkscope.com.



Great News on Adjarabet

Great News on Adjarabet

In an ongoing effort to cover the globe, We are now tracking Adjarabet

We hope you like this new enhancement to SharkScope

Happy Holidays


HUD UPDATE 1.0.301!

Hi All

In our continuing effort to bring you the best product available we’ve updated the HUD. In the latest version you’ll find:

Reset Icons added to the overlay and the Reset Dates added to the statistics options so it’s now visible if a player has reset their statistics.
Support added for bwin.be and the Ongame room of Paradise Poker.

We are always looking to improve, please send your ideas to support@SharkScope.com

SharkScope Admin

Merge Tracking Returns

Merge Returns!!!

After some very hard work from our dedicated staff, tracking on the Merge network has returned. We do however regret to inform you that all data & stats that were missed during this downtime is forever lost..

We as a company want to thank all the visitors and subscribers for your patience and loyalty during the downtime.

SharkScope Admin

Yet More Advanced Search Options

The advanced search options in SharkScope keep getting more advanced! Just some minor additions this time, but they are still extremely powerful when used correctly.


We’ve added a tournament name filter, so you can now answer such questions as what are my results like from just “SCOOP” tournaments. Or inversely exclude “Sunday Storm” related results from your statistics for example.

Another much requested change has been to allow you to enter a custom numbers of hours into the Last X Hours filter option instead of the previously fixed Last 12 Hours and Last 16 hours options.

Keep letting us know what you want and we’ll keep added the features…..

Hot Topic: Guarantees and Overlays

SharkScope has now added Guarantee and Overlay filters to its already extensive set of tournaments filters that allow players to view their statistics from specific tournaments and see upcoming tournaments.

On the player statistics page you can now view your results from tournaments which had a certain size guarantee or had an overlay on the tournament where a guarantee wasn’t met and the poker site had to add money to the tournament. Find out how much more money you make in these value tournaments.


Do these tournaments attract more novice players, further enhancing your profit or are they just attracting too many sharks, savvy enough to look for this extra value?

How big does the overlay have to be to increase your profitability by 50%?

These questions and more can be answered by the Guaranteed and Overlay filters.

These new filters also add extra to the tournament selector. You can now look for upcoming scheduled tournaments with the biggest overlays on all networks.


Using this you’ll never miss the biggest value tournaments on the internet and could massively increase your profit.

Rush Poker Leader-Boards

In an effort to always be proactive and after getting a post on SharkScopers.com about Rush Poker, SharkScope has decided to create a leaderboard dedicated to Rush Poker (Rush, Zoom, Speed etc inc.)

Rush poker is a game, no matter what the variation, unto itself and it has its own nuances. Most importantly it takes a certain amount of discipline in that because you see that many more hands you can upgrade your starting hands. I mean if you fold a semi-playable marginal hand you’re not waiting for the next hand, you’re already in it. So you can see folding marginal playing hands is a key, but do you have the discipline.

Also, there’s a separate skill in reading players. When you’re at a normal ring game you can get to know your opponents fairly quickly, exploit their weaknesses. In Rush Poker, you don’t get to sit with the same players. So instead of trying to read the 6 or 9 players at your table, you have to remember the play of multiple players that you run across the games, you can at some point actually play against every player in the tournament. This is where the SharkScope HUD would be a great tool and put you miles ahead of anyone not using a HUD!

One advantage for you live players, Rush makes it some much easier to attain deposit bonuses and points races etc.

Please take a look at the Sharkscope leaderboards, find out who’s doing what and if you’re one of the leaders.

In honor of their new upgrade, there’s a new SharkScope Bonus! Go to the Facebook Sharkscope page, like the page and there will be a bonus code to get 20% of your new subscription or an upgrade, but you must got the code from the RealSharkScope page on FaceBook.

The code will be good till the end of the month so there’s no RUSH lol!!

Hope that helps

New SNG Videos….Get Them FREE

A SharkScope.com Exclusive:

Time to give the world access to Mark Schmid, also known in the online world as “pimpindonks”, who has developed a series of videos that teach you how to crush SNGs. This is SharkScope’s newest addition, The SNG Guide.

As a visitor to our site you’ll get a chance to see the first 2 minutes of any video presented, however if you want to see the whole video (and you need to because this stuff is so powerful) you need to be a GOLD subscriber!

Mark has been playing poker professionally for more than 5 years. He has a simple calculated style and an approach to the game that leads to steady long-term wins, exceeding 6 figures annually. Mark has successfully coached several players to understand and use his simple, yet often overlooked, poker techniques. Mark created this guide as a replacement for private coaching so he can reach a larger amount ofstudents with the same advice that has made his previous students richer, at a fraction of his hourly cost.

This newest feature on SharkScope is free to existing Gold Subscribers


SharkScope SNG $$ Leader Interviewed

Warren Karp the PokerMD interviewed mrGR33N13 who’s won over 1 milion dollars in SNGs so far this year
It’s a very interesting interview, with insights as to who mrGR33N13 is and how Dan Colman rose his way to the top of our leaderboards
You can find the interview at PokerMD.com/interviews or just click this link:

SharkScope Team

NEW!!! SharkScope Enhancements

Going live today are new enhancements that will give you a clearer picture of a tournament player’s history, as it relates to MTTs

What you’ll now find in the “add other statistics” drop down are Average MTT finishes which will include by percentage “Early” “Early/Middle” “Middle” “Middle/Late” and “Late”. These percentages give you an edge in finding out what type of player you are up against. Do they take chances early, do they play tight and limp into the middle, and are they strong once they get late and other key indicators.


Soon to follow will be “Final Table Stats” which will tell you how a player does once they reach the Final Table.

SharkScope is always looking for new ways to help you find the sharks!
If you have any suggestions, please send them to Support@SharkScope.com

Thanks from Sharkscope for your continued support