Rush Poker Leader-Boards

In an effort to always be proactive and after getting a post on about Rush Poker, SharkScope has decided to create a leaderboard dedicated to Rush Poker (Rush, Zoom, Speed etc inc.)

Rush poker is a game, no matter what the variation, unto itself and it has its own nuances. Most importantly it takes a certain amount of discipline in that because you see that many more hands you can upgrade your starting hands. I mean if you fold a semi-playable marginal hand you’re not waiting for the next hand, you’re already in it. So you can see folding marginal playing hands is a key, but do you have the discipline.

Also, there’s a separate skill in reading players. When you’re at a normal ring game you can get to know your opponents fairly quickly, exploit their weaknesses. In Rush Poker, you don’t get to sit with the same players. So instead of trying to read the 6 or 9 players at your table, you have to remember the play of multiple players that you run across the games, you can at some point actually play against every player in the tournament. This is where the SharkScope HUD would be a great tool and put you miles ahead of anyone not using a HUD!

One advantage for you live players, Rush makes it some much easier to attain deposit bonuses and points races etc.

Please take a look at the Sharkscope leaderboards, find out who’s doing what and if you’re one of the leaders.

In honor of their new upgrade, there’s a new SharkScope Bonus! Go to the Facebook Sharkscope page, like the page and there will be a bonus code to get 20% of your new subscription or an upgrade, but you must got the code from the RealSharkScope page on FaceBook.

The code will be good till the end of the month so there’s no RUSH lol!!

Hope that helps

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