New SNG Videos….Get Them FREE

A Exclusive:

Time to give the world access to Mark Schmid, also known in the online world as “pimpindonks”, who has developed a series of videos that teach you how to crush SNGs. This is SharkScope’s newest addition, The SNG Guide.

As a visitor to our site you’ll get a chance to see the first 2 minutes of any video presented, however if you want to see the whole video (and you need to because this stuff is so powerful) you need to be a GOLD subscriber!

Mark has been playing poker professionally for more than 5 years. He has a simple calculated style and an approach to the game that leads to steady long-term wins, exceeding 6 figures annually. Mark has successfully coached several players to understand and use his simple, yet often overlooked, poker techniques. Mark created this guide as a replacement for private coaching so he can reach a larger amount ofstudents with the same advice that has made his previous students richer, at a fraction of his hourly cost.

This newest feature on SharkScope is free to existing Gold Subscribers


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