888Poker network no longer supported

We regret to announce that 888Poker is preventing us from including player statistics from their network on SharkScope. This development is extremely disappointing and has come as a surprise to us as we have worked in close partnership with sites on the 888Poker network for many years.

We have offered to implement any kind of “opt-in” procedure they would like, in addition to our existing “opt-out” and “reset” systems, so at the very least people would still be able to view and publish their own statistics. They have however declined all the options we have put forward.

Obviously this damages all players on this network by making it harder for them to; track and analyze their tournament results, publish their own results for staking deals or social reasons, compete in our global leaderboards and also loses players the ability to use our “By Opponents” feature to detect and protect themselves from the large amount of collusion that occurs in online poker.

As always we encourage our users to get the most out of our service and that can only occur by playing where the service is available.

How this affects you as a player only you know, but we’d suggest an email to 888Poker asking them why they have done this and how it will effect you as a player and what you might do about it.

We are of course happy to provide pro rated refunds to our users that are no longer able to utilize our services.

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