Final Table Sandwich

Just walked downstairs to see the Final Table.

This deadly foursome, who might just be the best at putting pressure on the BB & SB while in the button and cut-off, and making re-raises from the SB & BB when the cut-off & button steals..will be playing the ultimate mind game today as they go against each other
Seat 1 Mike Matusow
Seat 2 Daniel Negreanu
Seat 8 John Juanda
Seat 9 Paul Phillips

Look for them to attack all the meat in-between the to ends of the sandwich.

On another note Dan Goldman from Pokerstars won a seat to the big dance, after which he came over to me and said Warren, I have a whole new strategy for winning..really I said?…Yes, drinking during the event, it was my formula for success tonight.

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