Has anyone seen the Last Guy in line?

Today in the $1500 NLHE event there were 831 entries.Has anyone seen the guy who played in the 1st big NLHE event that made the total entries 832. Once again they are paying 81 places in today’s event which makes this a much flatter payout than any of the previous year’s events. In fact this payout is the flattest of any tournament I’ve ever attended. Many players are grumbling but I think the masses are in favor of this payout structure. After all many more people are walking away saying they made the money in a WSOP event.
What’s your take on it? Post your responses in the forum section.

It is also evident that the online companies are once again using the WSOP as a forum to plug their websites. Jackets, shirts and hats abound, deals are being cut and representatives are crowding around the final 36 players as they head toward the final table.

Even the Horseshoe has gained the understanding of what TV has done to this industry, in their most recent ad in Card Player, the televised events are highlighted. This is clever marketing and shows that if you televise it, they will come!!

Late Night at the WSOP has settled into a very nice 11-13K 1st place zone. It’s a very nice zone for a $225.00 buy-in, usually paying the last 2 tables.

Scheduled for the 19th and 20th are $1045.00 buy-ins for the late night events that culminate in seats to the WSOP. This has become a very popular way to get into championship events. Expect a very big crowd, long lines and lots of seats into the Big One. I look forward to seeing all of you there

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