WSOP Main Event Breaks Record

Last night as I was closing up shop at 5 AM after the Second Chance Tournament, I decided it was time to check the actual number of entries in the Main Event.
Ok we all knew we were blowing past last year’s record number, but I was curious as to what date that would occur. Well mark down May 14th as the lucky number. As of 5 AM this morning there were 839 paid entries and from what I understand a lot of the internet entries are still not in the system.

More records have been broken, but maybe none more important than three women winning open events here. The three are crafty veterans of the game and certainly have paid their dues to get into that final ring. Congrats to them all.

Women are now a growing part of our industry and I don’t just mean rail watchers. The smart women see this sport as an opportunity to make a name for themselves and have honed their game accordingly. I’m not sure what the percentage of women in the game was or what it is now, but expect that number to grow. That being said as corporate sponsors look at the industry, it becomes a much prettier picture and may attract that sponsor looking for a niche as they enter the poker world.

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