Version 2.21 Released on 17 Sep 2021

This update contains the following:

  • Statistics: changed the column order to EP, MP, CO, BTN, SB, BB.
  • Added limp folded-stat (requires database reset if old hands to be included).
  • Added support for any number of monitors instead of maximum four.
  • iPoker: hand history text detection fix in some rarer cases.
  • iPoker: Windows OS process detection fixed with new iPoker software.
  • PokerStars: Indian rupee currency hand history file bug fix.
  • PartyPoker: tournament final table parsing fix with over 1M blinds.
  • PartyPoker: SharkScope query fix for sites outside PartyPoker.
  • 888 Poker: WSOP Pennsylvania skin also to Mac side.
  • Tournament table rare popup crash fix.
  • Small code improvements.
  • Label text and translation fixes.
  • Winamax new poker app support.

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