SharkScope announces Leaderboard Winners!!

Well, it’s that time of the year, closing out the last minute details and thinking about next year’s resolutions. Was your resolution last year to be on top of the SharkScope leaderboards? Time has flown by this year, slower for some and faster for other but for those atop the leaderboards the number 13 couldn’t have been any luckier!

There are so many categories and so little time, so we’ll focus on the main categories that you all see when first arriving on the Leaderboard page.  That’s not to say that many of the other categories aren’t significant and in fact important, especially if you’re on top of one of those but we can only write about just so much.

If we’re going to start anywhere it has to be with “SkaiWalkurrr” playing on PokerStars who represents the Netherlands. Talk about go wire to wire and wining by a mile or any other cliché you can come up with! This player was heads above the rest in SNGs for 2013. In fact the number 2 player Jorj95 is about 300,000 behind. However this isn’t the whole story.

Back in August I interviewed the leader at that time “mrGR33N13” because at that time he was over 1 million in winnings. Since then he’s chosen to block his stats and we don’t know how he ended up. I will tell you though that in that interview he told me that “Taking everything into account, I believe I’m the best in the world at them”(meaning SNGs). It would be interesting to see a heads up battle between these two players.

Now when you win the Main event of the WSOP you’re a World Champion forever. Looking back since the year 2000 it can be said that many ME players haven’t stood the test of time. This is where our category of “COUNT” comes into play, because when you are playing every day for many hours and are a consistent winner you’ve stood the test of time. Our congratulations go out to “v4b=yp” playing on PokerStars  also representing the Netherlands. Well over 250,000 games played. He is followed closely by “Brezi26” representing the Czech Republic but after that the count drops off by 100,000. That’s huge (no pun intended)

Streaks aren’t an anomaly, they occur! Maybe it’s a confidence that comes with winning the previous game, maybe it’s ego, I’m not sure but the leaderboards show that it’s fact not fiction and heading the list of Best 100 Streak Avg. Profit is “zangbezan23” with an Avg profit of a whopping $1419 representing Canada. That’s 500 above 2nd place.

Stretching it out to Best 500 once again is “SkaiWalkurrr” with an Avg Profit of $462 which once again crushes number 2 by 200.

We want to thank and congratulate all the leaders from all the categories and for opting in so that we may share and enjoy your results with others.

So where will you be in 2014? Will the return of poker to the US challenge the leaderboards once again?

Here’s to wishing you a very Happy Healthy and Prosperous New Year and to hoping that next year I’ll be writing about you


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