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Are you using Data to help improve your Online Poker Site or Network

This is to introduce you to SharkScope Analytics, the Premiere Business Intelligence Unit in Online Poker

In an effort to continue to improve our product and to give you a sleeker, faster and much clearer picture of what’s happening in the world of online poker, SharkScope Analytics is pleased to announce the introduction of our Analytics Dashboard.

Up till now we’ve had the raw data, full and precise but not as easily applied. We listened to what you want and to that end we created a full fledged rendering of the data in scalable, drill down format where you can decompose the data and filter it to everything you need. Many thanks for your many suggestions.

What you’ll see is competitive networks and competitive skins on your network. Now you can have the data that makes you just that much smarter than your rivals that compete for the same players. Get a leg up on retention by knowing ahead of time what your player wants and where he’s been going to get it. More important what you can do to stop him from going!

You’ll get an in-depth look at:

Network Overviews

Region Overviews

Market Share

New Players

New Players by Country

Unique Players

The popularity of network and skin offerings like:


Double or Nothings (50/50)

SNG sizes

SNG speeds

Find out about Up-Coming events like:


Guarantees made & missed

Rake Levels

Revenue by Country

Use Cases and so much more!

Please contact  and ask for the guide and a demonstration, and then don’t hesitate to ask questions! This product will always be in motion and improving the dash-board will always be on the table.

Let us know what you think and how we can get the Dash-board in your hands on a Daily or weekly basis.

Thanks and Best Regards


Skype: PokerMD


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