Set up your Blogroll on SharkScopers

We’ve implemented a new blogroll feature so that bloggers can display a list of their favorite blogs. This was blogroll.gifrequested feature (by our member, TripleAceIRL) that we agreed is an essential option for all blogs. You can add either bloggers from SharkScopers or other websites — no restrictions. This optional feature is located on the sidebar of your own blog.

Adding someone’s blog to your blogroll is considered a big compliment, and visa versa. It’s a way of telling that person that you follow/support their blog, and to encourage your readers to check their site out. If you have friends who blog, you should also encourage them to link to your blog, to gain more readers / commentors.

We also brought back and slightly improved the blog archive feature that we used to have on the beta site. You can now see a summary of each users posts per month and read all of their monthly archives.

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