Version 2.26 Released on 02 Feb 2022

This update contains the following:

  • Custom date range selection crash fix in certain situations.

Version 2.25 Released on 31 Jan 2022

This update contains the following:

  • Winamax: Localhost tracker port automatic detection (can be now 8000-8005).
  • Hand type matrix colors can now be changed and reseted.
  • Custom date range fix for multiple custom date filters. Removing and recreating old filters, if use custom dates, is recommended.
  • Poker network specific HUD disabling.
  • Show/not show community cards (Previous hand).
  • Player notes: Added ‘has notes’ filter button in Players section.
  • A new promotions section for future promotions.
  • PartyPoker: Uncalled bet calculation fix in some situations.
  • PokerStars/888 Poker: Minor hand history file parsers improvements.

Version 2.24 Released on 18 Dec 2021

This update contains the following:

  • Winamax: HUD fixed to work with the latest Winamax version!
  • New feature: Copy statistics – option added to player’s HUD right-click menu.
  • Previous hand window location fixed with scaled monitors.

Version 2.23 Released on 12 Dec 2021

This update contains the following:

  • WPN (Americas Cardroom, True Poker,..): Support for Blitz Poker!
  • Importing multiple hand history files option added.
  • Year level option added to filters.
  • Installation integrity checker added.
  • Code improvements and small bug corrections.

Version 2.22 Released on 26 Oct 2021

This update contains the following:

  • New feature: ‘Add Hand History File’ to File menu for files outside hand history folders.
  • Winamax: Improved HUD for the new app.
  • Previous 5 log files are now stored.
  • SharkScope sync: Opted-out network hero case situation handling added.
  • PokerStars: File character encoding issues for currency symbols fixed.
  • PokerStars: No Limit Omaha Hi/Lo support added.
  • WPN (Americas Cardroom etc): Preferred seat instructions updated.
  • WPN: Added to Mac side PokerKing, YaPoker, Pokernuts and FabulousPoker.
  • PartyPoker: Added Borgata PA Poker, BetMGM MI and -PA to Mac side.
  • Crash report: Added description field and an option to quit or continue.
  • Replayer: Player name and View on SharkScope added to popup menu.
  • Translation additions and fixes.
  • Updated statistic preflop menu.
  • Rare display font scaling related bug fix.

Version 2.21 Released on 17 Sep 2021

This update contains the following:

  • Statistics: changed the column order to EP, MP, CO, BTN, SB, BB.
  • Added limp folded-stat (requires database reset if old hands to be included).
  • Added support for any number of monitors instead of maximum four.
  • iPoker: hand history text detection fix in some rarer cases.
  • iPoker: Windows OS process detection fixed with new iPoker software.
  • PokerStars: Indian rupee currency hand history file bug fix.
  • PartyPoker: tournament final table parsing fix with over 1M blinds.
  • PartyPoker: SharkScope query fix for sites outside PartyPoker.
  • 888 Poker: WSOP Pennsylvania skin also to Mac side.
  • Tournament table rare popup crash fix.
  • Small code improvements.
  • Label text and translation fixes.
  • Winamax new poker app support.

New SharkScope Feature – Tournament Attribute Analysis

Find out which specific aspects of tournaments improve or decreases your profitability.


Matrix Assimilated to SharkScope

Our greatest Achievement yet!

Our greatest achievement has now been deployed! You can now visualize your strategy and tendencies in a proper 13×13 matrix format.

You can choose all the filters you wish and need, then have these shown in a heatmap, and have a much-simplified means to see your card choosing tendencies and see exactly what you do with these cards!

— Your Stats, VS your Opponents’, Preflop, flop,  Street, River, Pairs, Trips, Dealer, UTG, You Raised Heads up, Cash, 6-max  or Tournaments! you choose your dimensions! 

Anything that you need to filter out or analyze of your own game or others, can be now visualized in a proper matrix. Awesome, isn’t it? Try it now!


Version 2.20 Released on 31 Jul 2021

This update contains the following:

  • New hand type matrix color map: Pair values shown as tooltip text.
  • WPN network (Americas Cardroom etc) partial hand showing parser bug fixed.
  • WPN tournament summary timestamp and number parsing bugs fixed.
  • PokerStars Switzerland added.

Version 2.18 Released on 18 Jul 2021

This update contains the following:

  • New hand type matrix color map with 28 different options! See your performance for all pairs!
  • Reset preferences added to file menu.
  • On demand search mode page clarified for each different mode.
  • Preferences: Added refresh (info) button to hand history folders.
  • Preferences: Hand history folder info reading waiting fixed for large directories.
  • Switched from Java 13 to much newer 16.
  • Java 16: Windows 10 related problems with Asian language packages should be fixed with 16.
  • Small UI layout and bug corrections.