New PokerStars Opt-In System Under Trial

In the past, the use of SharkScope whilst playing has been prohibited by PokerStars. In an attempt to resolve this issue and get SharkScope back on the allowed list at PokerStars we are trialing a new opt in system.

We believe that its to the benefit of all our users if we can find a way for our service to adhere to PokerStars 3rd party software rules and yet still provide the ability to rate all players by default.

The new system is as follows:

By default all ROI and Profit data is hidden. To opt-in and show this data the user must send $0.03 to the user SharkScope on PokerStars.

To block your data from all users including yourself, users need to send $0.01 to the user SharkScope on PokerStars.

Transferred money will be returned within 5 days.

Players who have not opted in can still be rated using the “Ability /100” rating, which was designed to accurately assess a player poker ability without making it possible to reverse engineer that player’s ROI or Profit figures.


  • This trial does not effect subscribers, they can still see all data.
  • At the end of the trial if we choose to implement this system fully, it will affect all new subscription purchases.
  • For the trial period, players on a leaderboard are considered opted in by default.

At this point neither ourselves or PokerStars have committed to this using this system after the trial period is over and we welcome comments to be posted here either positive or negative to help us decide whether to implement this system fully.


In answer to some common questions that have arisen:

  • This system will not be used on poker sites other than PokerStars.
  • Please allow a few minutes after you get the transfer confirmation email from PokerStars for the Opt-In to be processed.
  • The trial will last as long as it takes for us and PokerStars to get enough feedback from the trial to decide if we want to implement it fully or not. If we do decide to implement it fully we will make an announcement and give users plenty of advanced notice.
  • Please do not just post things like “my opt-in failed” in this thread. Please wait a decent amount of time before contacting support by email if you have to.

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