Has Full Tilt Poker “Flipped Out” again?

Apparently so but this time in a NEW and EXCITING way!

FTP announced a new tournament format called “FlipOut’ which has 2 rounds that combines an exciting Shootout  All-In format that if you win puts you in the money which then continues in round 2 as a regular MTT tourney with one caveat….You’re already in the money. That’s right get lucky enough to win round one and you not only advance but you’ve cashed!


Round one is purely luck and runs from 6 or 9 handed tables down to one with everyone all in on every hand. These will go rather quickly. By the way, this happens very often at the WSOP during the hours before the Main Event is about to start.

Like the WSOP winning that single table shootout gets you into a scheduled tournament that’s upcoming on FTP, in fact once you register you don’t even need to be logged in to advance.

There is also a regular SnG version that plays at 2, 6 and 9 players

Good Luck in round 1 and play good in round 2!

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