Full Tilt so far so….I don’t know

Just like many of us I was a victim of Black Friday.

Luckily I had no balance on Poker Stars, but I did have a small sum on Full Tilt. I followed the directions on the Garden City Group site  http://www.fulltiltpokerclaims.com/ and registered prior to September 16th as a player who had funds due me. On Sept. 17th I got an email from Garden City Group, albeit in my spam folder, telling me exactly what balance I was due, and even though I had a memory of about what my balance was, it turned out that they were spot on.

So, so far everything has gone perfectly. Of course until I get those funds transferred into my account I still don’t know what, where or when. I assume they need to finish the process which has a deadline for processing of November 16th. By then they should see if their claims are outweighed by the funds available or not. Judging by the accuracy of the amount they had in my email, they should be spot on and all will go well. I’ll keep you all updated

Hope that helps


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