Equal Opportunity to Come and Join Us

Below is a classified ad. Are you the person it seeks?

Our industry is looking for individuals, male or female. In fact, females are encouraged to apply, as special meetings are designed with them in mind. This is a fun industry in which you’ll get to interact with many, many people. These people will have varied interests and backgrounds, and we seek those who make friends easily. We also ask that you bring along with you to our industry as many of your friends as you’d like, to make you feel comfortable. You must meet the minimum age requirement by law to enter our industry. Other than that, you may be of any age (young, midlife, retired, and beyond). In fact, senior citizens are encouraged to apply. You must have the ability and desire to learn all that you can. Skills required for our industry can be learned, and will be taught from the day you start. No previous skills are necessary. Skills are acquired and improved via books, videos, and actual practice. There are no physical requirements for taking part in our industry. Rocket scientists may participate, but their IQs are not necessary for participation. The physically challenged individual is encouraged to excel in our industry. You must be able to get to our industry locations; however, if you cannot, you will be able to participate at home on a computer. At this time and in the future, all shifts are available; we are open 24 hours. Does this sound like an industry fit for you? If so, “come and join us.”

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