aScope & iScope creator interviewed

In a continuing effort to keep you updated about our Tools & App sections we’ve interviewed Jamie, the developer of iScope & aScope.

Warren Karp (PokerMD) Hi Jamie and thanks for the interview
Jamie Higgins: Hi Warren, thanks for having me!

warren karp: We’re talking today about both aScope and iScope you’re the developer correct?
Jamie Higgins: That’s right I made both iScope and aScope

warren karp: So tell us a little about what they do
Jamie Higgins: They are mobile apps designed to give a quick, easy to navigate view into your SharkScope data and optimized very much for use on the small screen of a phone.

Jamie Higgins: They’re not supposed to be an alternative to the comprehensive SharkScope website, but more of an extra tool to quickly look-up results or access data when accessing the website is inconvenient (think bragging down the pub to your mates for your big win)

warren karp: Poker players Brag? LOL…but seriously you can really look up any screen name that you want correct?
Jamie Higgins: Yeah the apps work by allowing you to add your own poker accounts, your friends and then any other players (in these three independent categories). One of the neat things it does is aggregate all your own accounts to one overall view, so players with several accounts can easily see their overall results.
Jamie Higgins: It can also show you the tournaments you have played in and the results of specific tournaments

warren karp: So similar to the “Group” function on SharkScope
Jamie Higgins: Yep that’s right

warren karp: Great now Jamie do you also play live poker tournaments?
Jamie Higgins: I’ve played a few live tournaments in the UK, but nothing to major. The biggest was a UKIPT series event (£250 buy-in).

warren karp: The reason I ask is that as a live tournament player I find that “bragging” is also true there and that it’s pretty simple to get players to tell you their online names. With your tool looking them up is very simple
Jamie Higgins: Exactly! If that guy (or girl) next to you is telling you about all their big wins it would be nice and quick to look them up with the app.

warren karp: Sounds like it would be a great addition to your arsenal, what made you develop it in the first place
Jamie Higgins: Well I’m a very keen online poker player (I used to play very regularly a few years back) and I often used SharkScope to look-up players at my table. As a developer by trade who was moving into the mobile area it was a great chance to combine my love for poker with my job (which I also enjoy greatly)

warren karp: I’m sure this version is similar but not exactly what you first came out with….what were the things poker players wanted to see most?
Jamie Higgins: I think the most important thing is usability, as a mobile phone application it has to be simple and quick to operate and the graphs and figures easy to read and interpret.

Jamie Higgins: I had a lot of requests for the iPhone version to add filters, so this is an additional feature in the iPhone. Unfortunately it was pretty complex and time consuming, so the feature hasn’t made it into the Android version yet.

warren karp: How does the usage work on the app as far as searches and advanced searches?
Jamie Higgins: It’s pretty simple each time you search for a players stats, update a player or look up tournament results etc. you will use one search from your daily allowance. The application caches all the data locally, so its possible to use the application and look-up all your stored data without using any more searches.
Jamie Higgins: The apps require a SharksSope subscription to function. At the moment each app comes with a free 200 search package, which will shortly be changing to a free one month bronze subscription.

warren karp: Great so plenty of opportunity to “Scope” out your opponent! In a world where information is king it certainly seems like this is a tool you can’t do without. Anything more to add Jamie?
Jamie Higgins: I think that is a fairly good summary. I’ll just add that you can get the apps from the iOS App Store or from Google Play by searching for iScope and aScope respectively.

warren karp: And of course in the new “Tools & Apps” section on the SharkScope website.
Jamie Higgins: Absolutely!

warren karp: Thanks again Jamie for your time and for giving us the scoop on iScope and aScope
Jamie Higgins: Great thanks once again for having me and good luck to everyone in their next tourney!

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