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My name is Warren Karp

docWhen I first developed PokerMD it was a way to give back to the poker community and to help each other learn. When Online Poker became a reality we shared ideas and strategies that helped us to do well in an emerging market. One of the tools we learned about was Sharkscope. We learned how it worked and took advantage of the many facets of data it provided. Remember in poker, knowledge is king and SharkScope provided plenty of knowledge by way of data and statistics. The conversation went on as new pieces of information became available and as I travelled around I found that the conversation was continuing offline as well.

SharkScope is the oldest and best known poker tournament tracking website. Since it was established in 2005, it has consistently ranked in the top 10 most visited poker content websites in the world. We take pride in the accuracy of our tracking and the amount of novel and unique features we offer all classes of poker players from novices up to high volume professionals. Consequently, around 20% of all online poker tournament players visit SharkScope each month.

Here’s the great part. Not only can you read about new and important features here but we’ve set up a FaceBook Page as well where you can find discounts, specials and post questions and get answers. Like us there and get full access.

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Warren Karp

New SharkScope Feature – Tournament Attribute Analysis

Find out which specific aspects of tournaments improve or decreases your profitability.


Matrix Assimilated to SharkScope

Our greatest Achievement yet!

Our greatest achievement has now been deployed! You can now visualize your strategy and tendencies in a proper 13×13 matrix format.

You can choose all the filters you wish and need, then have these shown in a heatmap, and have a much-simplified means to see your card choosing tendencies and see exactly what you do with these cards!

— Your Stats, VS your Opponents’, Preflop, flop,  Street, River, Pairs, Trips, Dealer, UTG, You Raised Heads up, Cash, 6-max  or Tournaments! you choose your dimensions! 

Anything that you need to filter out or analyze of your own game or others, can be now visualized in a proper matrix. Awesome, isn’t it? Try it now!


SharkScope Desktop 2.0 Incredible Update

We thank you, your feedback helped shape this MUCH more versatile tool, bring you increased functionality and ease of use.

We’ve added Support for 4 New Game Types

Now you can take advantage of Poker Copilot’s power to boost and perfect your strategy for Omaha Hi/Lo, Omaha 5, Omaha 6, and Courchevel.

On-Demand SharkScope Searching

Multi-Table Tournaments utilize many SharkScope daily searches. That puts a strain on Silver subscriptions. You now have the power to individually control the tables that pull user’s results.

Important New Stats

Limp (in and out position), Called 3-bet, Check/Fold

In-HUD Integrated Leak Detector

Now quickly adapt your strategy based on your or your opponent’s leaks! You can get hold of this powerful tool right in your HUD.

Immediate leak Calculation

Now you can choose to perform leak calculations without the need of clicking anywhere.

Custom Hand Type Filter

Take advantage of another by-hand type filter, to better understand what you do with your hole cards.

Scalable Database File Location

If you coach others or handle different strategies, now you can handle more than one database.

Manually Copy or Remove Specific Hands or Tournaments From Database

You can now multi-select hands or tournaments for deletion and copy.

Replayer Functionality

Improved visibility and revamped appearance with interchangeable backgrounds.

Improved SharkScope Info Display

Detailed SharkScope statistics are now shown in a clearer, more usable layout (requires Silver SharkScope Subscription or higher).

Real-Time Log Console

If you’d wish to have more control of your software or would like to troubleshoot an issue, you can now see the inner workings in real-time.

SharkScope Desktop 2.0

Much more to use, much more to learn!

Made more complete, to help you earn!

Coming soon!

Party’s Lucky 7 and PokerStars Michigan

Hi Scopers,

In February 2020 PokerStars launched in Michigan.

That’s good news for poker players living in Michigan. The even better news is that the SharkScope Desktop HUD is 100% ready for PokerStars Michigan.

PartyPoker Added 7-seat tables and as luck would have it we’ve added them to the HUD as well. SharkScope Desktop keeping up with the lucky numbers!

SharkScope Desktop, still the only HUD with SharkScope statistics!

Happy & Healthy Holiday from SharkScope Desktop

Hi Scopers,

2020 was a tough year, and we still need to mask and distance!

On the bright side, things are looking up and by this time next year, we hope to be clear of the Pandemic.

In the meanwhile be kind and good to everyone, except of course at the poker table! 🙂

SharkScope Desktop, still the only HUD with SharkScope statistics!

Stars, 888 SharkScope Desktop keeps you updated!

Hi Scopers,

You got the Stars we’ve got the time!

Support has been added for PokerStars ‘Poker time left/Temps de poker restant’-tables.

The newest added sites include de.888Poker.com(for Windows and Mac)  & 308bets10.com

SharkScope Desktop, still the only HUD with SharkScope statistics!

SharkScope Desktop HUD Adds more Rooms

Hi Scopers,

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy and playing online poker inside.

We’ve been working hard to add more sites to our line-up and this includes Mac as well.

Added Boyles Poker, True Poker for Mac, PartyPoker (Italian) for Mac, bet365.ee, Sportium Poker.

SharkScope Desktop, still the only HUD with SharkScope statistics!

Stars Zoom Ante UP

Hi Scopers,

Pokerstars Zoom has now added antes, and we added support for it.

Depending on which side of the fence you’re on you’re saying “Wasn’t this fast enough?” or as others say “The faster the better”.

SharkScope Desktop, still the only HUD with SharkScope statistics!

MicroGaming sites Migrate to iPoker, Have HUD will travel!

Hi Scopers,

MicroGaming is no more, but iPoker has taken up the slack.

Great news for players of Microgaming players now they have a larger pool of players and bigger guarantees.

With so many sites doing the migration, you’ll have many choices

These are now supported as the newest members of iPoker!

Betsson, Grossvenor, Red Star, Coolbet, PAF

SharkScope Desktop, still the only HUD with SharkScope statistics!

Italy and Romania SharkScope’s Desktop added Sites

Hi Scopers,

Joining the

SharkScope’s Desktop family of the Poker Sites we now cover is BGame.it in Italy.

Also included is Romanian standout Netbet.ro

Both sites are now available to configure in the HUD.

SharkScope Desktop, still the only HUD with SharkScope statistics!