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1.5% Skrill Cashback Promo

Skrill ran 1% cashback promotions in the past already.
Starting at Friday, 26th of July 2013, they start their highest cashback promo ever: You will receive 1.5% of your transfers from your Skrill account to qualified merchants.

Make sure to register your new or existing Skrill account with our partner VIP-Cashback using the bonus-code “SharkScope” to earn a decent extra cashback and to become Skrill VIP within 48h.

During the promotion our clients earn at least 18 EUR for every 1k EUR in transfers to qualified merchants.

Even without the promo our clients often collect a monthly cashback as high as their poker rakeback. Don’t miss your chance to get tracked with the biggest Skrill ambassador worldwide


SharkScope announces “SharkScope Subscribers Insurance”

The game of poker can be a roller coaster, ups and downs, and a mix of winning and losing sessions are inevitable. Especially in online poker where you’re seeing many more hands than Brick & Mortar poker. But how are you doing overall and how was your month?

At SharkScope we help you analyze your statistics so you can be a better player and, when used correctly to help you avoid all the sharks out there, should create a positive EV. Now we’re so sure that our tool works we’re willing to back it up with “SharkScope Subscribers Insurance”!

Here’s how it works:

You buy a monthly subscription to SharkScope and have a losing month* and we’ll give you the next month for free!

You buy a 3 month subscription to SharkScope and have a losing 3 months* and we’ll give you the next 3 months for free!

You buy a 12 month subscription to SharkScope and have a losing year* and we’ll give you a year free!

We’ve all had positive and negative sessions but SharkScope as a tool is here to help make those negative sessions occur less and less frequently, and we’re willing to back it up with “SharkScope Subscribers Insurance”!

Information is power so sign up now and start educating your game, and should you lose you’ll have insurance. So how can you lose??

Here’s what you need to do to get the insurance:

You must purchase a NEW subscription Between July 3rd & July 10th, that’s the cut-off date, then after logging in, you need to go here and configure your personal player names, then finally should you unfortunately have a losing subscription period email support@sharkscope.com and say “I want Insurance” in the subject line. That’s it!!

SharkScope and you….a winning combination!

*According to our reporting for the player names you configure at the time of the purchase, Networks not covered don’t count towards earnings, Live play, cash games and Brick & Mortar sessions don’t count towards totals.
**You may be asked to confirm ownership of the configured player names.

888Poker network no longer supported

We regret to announce that 888Poker is preventing us from including player statistics from their network on SharkScope. This development is extremely disappointing and has come as a surprise to us as we have worked in close partnership with sites on the 888Poker network for many years.

We have offered to implement any kind of “opt-in” procedure they would like, in addition to our existing “opt-out” and “reset” systems, so at the very least people would still be able to view and publish their own statistics. They have however declined all the options we have put forward.

Obviously this damages all players on this network by making it harder for them to; track and analyze their tournament results, publish their own results for staking deals or social reasons, compete in our global leaderboards and also loses players the ability to use our “By Opponents” feature to detect and protect themselves from the large amount of collusion that occurs in online poker.

As always we encourage our users to get the most out of our service and that can only occur by playing where the service is available.

How this affects you as a player only you know, but we’d suggest an email to 888Poker asking them why they have done this and how it will effect you as a player and what you might do about it.

We are of course happy to provide pro rated refunds to our users that are no longer able to utilize our services.

Now tracking iPoker.es

SharkScope adds yet another tracked network to its site with the inclusion of the iPoker.es network, which is the Spanish facing version of the iPoker network.

The main site on this network is TitanBet.es but the network also includes Betfair.es, Bet365.es and CasinoGranMadrid.

Whilst the traffic on the network is low at the moment, it is being heavily promoted at the moment by a number of the skins on the network so it will likely be growing rapidly over the next few months.

Introducing the new SharkScope Widgets

We’ve just added a new Widgets feature that allows you to easily embed configurable, automatically updating, images of a player’s statistics into your own websites. The widgets come in 3 different types; Text, Small Graph and Large Graph depending on how much space you have.


If viewed, the Widgets update once per the freshness time and each update costs 1 search off your account. If the widgets are not viewed during a particular freshness period then no charge is made.


Widgets can be fully configured with any advanced search filters and also support player groups. All widgets are hyper-linked back to the player’s statistics on SharkScope.com.


Sky Poker and PKR Missing Games Reporting Added

At SharkScope we currently track 1 million+ online poker tournaments per day and we have a 99% coverage rate for most networks. This unfortunately means that occasionally tournaments will be missed. Once a tournament has been missed for some networks it can be recovered and added to our database by reporting a missing game on our Report Missing Games page.

Previously we have only been able to support the retrieval of PokerStars and Winamax games, but we have been working hard to add more networks to this feature to ensure that you can have complete coverage of your tournaments. So we are pleased to announce we have now added Sky Poker and PKR to the list of support networks.


We are working hard to add further networks to this function and hope to announce them shortly.

New Count & 500 Streak Av Profit Leaderboards

We’ve now significantly increased the scope of our leaderboards to include a Count leaderboard for most games played in each category and Best 500 Streak Av Profit leaderboards for all leaderboards that previously just had the Best 100 Streak Av Profit type.


Adding a 500 streak leaderboard allows users to see what the greatest possible long term profits are for the very best players, whereas the 100 streak leaderboard shows the hottest shorter term runs.

The Count leaderboard shows both how much volume the most active players are playing and also allows you to identify which networks that volume is actually possible on for that specific category, should you also be looking to play a large volume of that type of game.

SharkScope HUD Enhancements

In the recent release of the SharkScope HUD we’ve made a number of enhancements that have been requested by users. The most important change is that the latest HUD now fully uses the new SharkScope API which means it now has access to all the 30+ statistics that you can view on the main website.


The change also means that all types of advanced filters created on the site are supported where as previously only a subset could be used and all player classes created on the site will now appear as icons in the HUD overlays (instead of having to configure classes separately in the HUD).

Other improvements include the option of the statistics overlays configured to use multiple lines,


the ability to configure color rules based on any of the 30+ plus statistics


and improved graphs that also link directly to the player on the SharkScope website when clicked.


New Advanced Search Filter and Vs Player Preferences

Based on feedback from users we’ve just added a couple of new features. Firstly we’ve added a Day of the Week Advanced Search filter. This allows you to filter you results based on the day (or days) of the week that the tournament finished on. It uses the timezone that your computer is set to in the same way as other date based functionality.


The 2nd feature change is the option to specify which of your player name trigger the Vs Me functionality. Vs Me is the feature that when you search a blocked player, automatically searches games you have played against that player and shows results from those specific games. You can now turn this off using a check box in the Manage Personal Player Names page.


In some cases turning off this option can speed up search performance.

Get the SharkScope Hud for LockPoker Free


As a special exclusive promotion all new or existing Lock Poker players can get access to the SharkScope HUD with up to 1000 searches per day completely free. Our HUD overlays SharkScope data directly over your opponents on your tables, giving you the ability to always have a read on them.

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