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A New Twist on Poker

Just when you thought there were no new ways to reinvent the Poker Wheel, Everest Poker has come up with a new TWIST in the form of TWISTER POKER!

Bringing it down to its basics Twister is a Sit N Go, a 3-handed sit n go and it’s played in a turbo format.

This winner take all format sounds pretty normal until you read the fine print, it’s a jackpot tournament.

 Based on the buy-in , either 1€, 2€, 5€ or 10€ you can win anywhere from 2 times your buy in all the way up to 1000 times your buy in. What this means is that at the worst you can double your money but at the best you can score and score big. A 1.00€ buy in can win you up to 1000€ and a 10€ buy in can win you up to 10,000€.

There’s an excitement factor as well. You don’t know the payout until all 3 players are seated and the action is about to begin. Then a wheel appears and where it lands determines what the prize pool will be.

Hit that 1000 times slot on the wheel and you can turn 10.00€ into 10,000€ by beating just 2 people

We think Everest Poker has hit the jackpot with this promotion and believe it will be a great success.

Sign up with Everest Poker here and let the wheel spin

Hope that Helps!

Warren “PokerMD” Karp