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SharkScope Achievements Awarded Free Cash by Online Giant TigerGaming!

TigerGaming on the Chico Network Sponsors SharkScope Achievements

As our SharkScope Achievements new host TigerGaming, on the Chico Network is giving away a stunning $3000 in total just for playing on TigerGaming. $1500 will come by being in the top 5 on our TigerGaming achievements leader board and $1500 in a freeroll on the TigerGaming site, the second Sunday following the end of the month. All you have to do is play on TigerGaming and enter your screen name to the Sharkscope Achievements leaderboard to be eligible.

If you’re not on TigerGaming, Join Now as July’s achievement challenge is about to heat up and now’s the time to earn those achievements.

5 is the magic number because the top 5 earn CASH and with just 5 Achievement points you are automatically entered into the Freeroll tournament on TigerGaming!


When all is said and done the total in free money is $3000.

Remember, all you have to do is enter your screen name if you’re a TigerGaming player and if you’re not, well what are you waiting for? Sign up NOW!

SharkScope is proud to have a partner in the achievement challenge and we’re thrilled with the way TigerGaming has responded. We certainly suggest you play on TigerGaming!


Team SharkScope

Team TigerGaming

Pokerstars says “No Mas” to Colombia

Pokerstars decided to leave Colombia due to the government crackdown on unlicensed sites.

Amidst all the changes of losing a country we were thinking it would be interesting to see the effects that it caused. So we put together Country by Country numbers from Pokerstars SNGs.

We started with the previous month of July and then compared it to August. Turned out the results we saw created a very interesting view.
It was very clear to see how the departure of just one country can affect a global market using Player Profit as a matrix..

Here we see what “SNG Player Profit by Country” was in July.

The Top Ten lines up like this:
1. Venezuela
2. Colombia
3. Serbia
4. Belarus, 5.Uzbekistan, 6.Bosnia & Herzegovina, 7.Ukraine, 8.Poland, 9.Argentina and 10.The Philippines.

There’s probably questions in your mind as to why some of the countries that you were expecting to see, or you may live in, aren’t on the list.
Can you figure out why? Will they show up on August’s Leaderboard?

Let’s see!

In August where Colombia, our 2nd ranked country in July, unhappily disappeared from the list.

The top 3,came in this way:
1st Venezuela
2nd Georgia
3rd Bosnia & Herzegovina

But did Colombia still play a role?
The answer is yes, because many of the players relocated to neighboring countries.
We saw upward trends in Peru, Ecuador, Brazil and Bolivia.
It’s also suggests that by adding players from Columbia, it may have helped Venezuela keep it’s number 1 position.

More to come!




PokerStars & SharkScope “OPT IN” Required Changes

Hi Scopers,

As a part of the rules for third party software on Pokerstars, we’ve been directed to change our Opt In procedures for, and (See the how to Opt In procedure at the bottom)

Our great relationship with Pokerstars only gets stronger when we comply with their requirements. Unfortunately PokerStars are now requiring us to use a default opt-in system on their regulated networks such as .fr, .es and .it as they have done for their regular .com network for a few years.

What it means in the short term is that you won’t see the full compliments of stats until all the players Opt In. What you will still see is the” Ability Rating” and “Vs Me” Functuality.

Whilst in the short term these rule changes do significantly reduce the amount of information available to most users with regards to looking at other PokerStars player statistics there are still many ways SharkScope can still be used effectively:

  • Ability Rating

The Ability rating is a relative score that only has interpretive value when compared to the Ability score of others but is an extremely effective way of quickly judging the strength of your opponents. Although it’s calculated based on actual gameplay and takes advantage of the wealth of tournament data available to Sharkscope to provide a statistically significant assessment of success, there is not enough information publicly available to reverse-engineer its algorithm, and so private player information remains safe and secure.

  • Versus Me Functionality

Once you have configured your own player names if you search a player who has not opted in yet, or even has blocked their name, you will see the full statistics derived from the games that you have played against that player.

To assist you in understanding these options we have created a tutorial video which is now available to watch on our SharkScope Tutorials page.


To minimize the effect of these changes for our users we have, through our Opt-In Cash Giveaway and other means, managed to increase the number of opted in players to a level which is many times more than those who have chosen to completely block their statistics. Thousands more players are currently opting-in each week.

Here’s the opt-in procedure as follows:

By default all ROI and Profit data is hidden. To opt-in and show this data the user must 

  •  Email with your player name and which PS client you’re on (IT, ES or FR) and attach a screen shot showing you logged into the PokerStars software with your screen name visible 


  • Alternatively email PokerStars support with your request and they will pass it on to us (no screenshot required).

 In order to keep SharkScope as the number 1 source for your statistics we are complying with the PokerStars requirements.

We greatly appreciate your understanding and value you as a loyal SharkScope customer.


Team SharkScope




SharkScope develops a new entry into the Poker Tracking HUD market with it’s New SharkScope Desktop HUD 1.0

SharkScope has always featured information that turned into an important add-on for Tournament and SNG players. SharkScope provided the ability to get historical and up to the minute statistics of online players when they play tournaments. The tag line is “Avoid the Sharks” and while that is very true, it also gave players a chance to search their own data, which ultimately helped those savvy enough to break down the stats, to better their own game and ultimately become a positive ROI player.

Early on SharkScope created an online HUD (Heads Up Display) that over-layed on the table the same information players could get on the site, but it was real time and right there on the screen that you are playing on.

There were and are other choices for HUDs but they displayed a completely different set of figures and percentages. They tracked the hand histories and broke down the data into a percentage type overlay that would give you a real-time read on how an opponent played over time. (Percentage of raising on the button, the percentage they defended the Big Blind, a Percentage of continuation bets on the flop, and many many more key indicators) These HUDs not only take into account hand histories, they add real-time information as well, so as each hand ends the data updates. Further, you can do a self-analysis on your play. This allows you to find your strengths and weaknesses and break them down into your key indicators, such as type of games (Hold Em, Omaha, Etc.), blind amounts, bet sizing etc. Lastly, they also covered ring games (Cash tables), so you can build your bankroll using those stats one hand at a time.

All in all, if you’re serious about becoming a better player, both types of HUDS are vital to improving your game, and both gave you different stats and percentages, so both were extremely helpful and necessary. No one can dispute that information in poker is king!

As most progressive companies do today, SharkScope improved, upgraded and re-designed their HUD to better meet the needs of their customers worldwide, so SharkScope married the two types of HUDs, as only SharkScope could, because the other HUDs that are available have no access to SharkScope’s data.

Welcome to the New SharkScope Desktop HUD 1.0!

Why now? Well, it’s because the players today are much more number and percentages centric and after all “Poker starts and ends with math”.

Competition in the Online Poker HUD market is great for players. The players input has literally re-built these HUDs. They all had a great base of features’ but the players spoke about what they’d like to see and the designers listened. In doing so, all the HUDs were defined and then redefined many times till it became the fine-tuned Online Poker Tool that it is today.

SharkScope saw this as an opportunity to do something that the other HUDs couldn’t do. They developed a HUD that could do, well everything. The reason is that while SharkScope has access to the same information that the other HUDs have, none of the other HUDs have access to SharkScope’s information. Add to that a hand replayer and it becomes THE most complete HUD on the market today.


The New SharkScope Desktop HUD is always going to be a work in progress. The game of poker is ever evolving and so it only follows that the HUD will continue to evolve. That can happen with your questions, and ideas, as well as giving us all your feedback, the good and the better or anything you think should be refined. And there’s nothing too small or too big that you can tell us. The goal is for all of us to have access to a World Class HUD, the Gold Standard in our industry, and we can only get there with your input. Because of your help up till now, in the very near future we’ll be announcing many new Ground Breaking Features and those using the HUD will be the first to try them out.

Flexibility…there are options within the HUD which allows you to customize what you see on the overlay, so if the full suite is more than you want simply click a few buttons and now it’s YOUR HUD, molded to display exactly what you want to see.

SharkScope Desktop 1.0 is now officially released. The Desktop is a revolutionary application that combines the tracking of hand histories with the HUD display of SharkScope statistics and SharkScope database Syncing.

The HUD and data sync are included in Silver subscriptions, whereas the Hand Tracker requires a Gold subscription or for a stand-alone purchase.

For full details click here:

Questions, Ideas, Support

Please send to

Sales send to


First Ever Carbon Poker’s & SharkScope Achievement Race FreeRoll!

Many players qualified and joined the CarbonPoker’s SharkScope Achievement Race FreeRoll!
Remember you must be playing on Carbon Poker and be Opted In on SharkScope to qualify.

The FreeRoll started on March 15th and we started watching when it was down to 2 tables.
The prizes based on the number of starters was set at the top 3 players.
When they got down to 5 players at each table. “Hayoske” took 44 against 55 and the final table was set.
Reaching the final CabonPoker table of 9 was:
“Blcksnnds923” was the first to go out and finished in 9th place.
“AceLin” was the next to bow out in 8th place.
Then “NSpire” who finished 7th
Next there was “GottaRaiseYa” who finished in 6th
On the double bubble was “iiPositivityKARMAii” who finished in 5th place

All that was left was the opportunity to reach the top 3 where the money bubble was and no one wanted to end up in 4th and getting none of the CarbonPoker’s Free $1000.00.
Playing it out were:

When the bubble burst WinMeSomeMoney2 was sent packing and the 3 in the money players was set:
“Unjust1” Finished in 3rd place and won $200.00
“ovFranklin” ended up Heads up but finished second getting $300.00
And the Winner of the inaugural event was “Bbaines97” getting a whopping $500.00

Remember to sign up at Carbon Poker to join the Achievement Race Contest & FreeRoll!

Team Carbon
Team SharkScope



It’s been in the works for a while now but we can finally announce the Winning Poker Network (WPN) is now being tracked by SharkScope.


Here are the facts:

  • For history data we’ve been able to retrieve about all Octobers results and we’re current with the data now
  • Players can report missing games on the Report Missing Game page or just click here:
  • At the moment satellites are not covered, although we hope to add them in the near future.


This couldn’t come at a better time as Winning Poker Network is getting ready to hold a 1 Million dollar guarantee early in December.


See our ad on the site for ACR’s sign up bonus to get in on all the action.


Sites on the WPN are:

Americas Card Room

Black Chip Poker

True Poker

BetCris Poker

BetDSI Poker

BookMaker Poker

Carbon Poker adds new Sit & Go format called Supersonic

How fast is too fast? Well for Carbon it just got FASTER
This is exclusive to CarbonPoker and no one else in the industry currently offers these.  We hope that other poker rooms/networks realize that there is a void in their speed offering after Hyper Turbos and adopt this format.
CarbonPoker is excited to bring players the fastest Sit & Go’s on the planet with Supersonic Sit & Go’s.

A Supersonic Sit & Go is a format where blinds increase faster than any other game type you have experienced before. Including Hyper Turbo!

There are two Supersonic Sit & Go formats to choose from:

4-Max, where the blinds increase every 2 minutes and players begin with a 300 chip – starting stack.

And Heads Up, where blinds increase every minute and players begin with a 1,500 chip – starting stack.

Supersonic Sit & Go’s do not offer a time bank to allow for the fast paced, non-stop action!

To take part in this fast and exciting tournament format open the Poker lobby, go to Sit & Go and click on Supersonic to start playing the fastest poker you have ever played!

New Players can sign up here Carbon Poker


New Social Media Publishing & Email Alerts

We’ve just added some exciting features to SharkScope. The new automated publishing system allows you to automatically or manually post major events on your social timelines or get directly notified through other channels such as email.


Just configure your publishing options in the Publish section of the player tab, so that future events are sent to your publishers, or click on the “Publish Now” buttons to immediately publish an old event.


Publishable events currently include major tournament successes and SharkScope leaderboard position changes, and will be expanded to include other achievements in the future.



888poker adds Xuan Liu and Sofia Lӧvgren to the Team 888poker Lineup!

Team 888poker  has gotten even stronger with the addition of two new members, Canada’s Xuan Liu and Sofia Lӧvgren from Sweden.


Hailing from Toronto, Xuan Liu is a regular on the poker tournament circuit, with over $1.4 million in live event cashes to her name. Her results at major events are impressive, including a $600,000 4th place finish at the PCA in 2012, and 3rd place at the EPT San Remo 2011 for $524,075.   Xuan took home her first tournament title and trophy at the IPT San Remo the previous year.

Xuan’s passion for poker began at a young age and evolved into a lucrative pastime during her time at University. Whilst studying for her post-graduate degree in Finance, Xuan travelled to Europe where she experienced her first NLH Tournament final table.  After that Xuan decided to become a full time professional.  In 2013, she was declared as one of the WPT Season XI’s ‘Ones to Watch’.


Sofia Lövgren is a professional poker player based in Malta and Gothenburg. Her major focus is on online cash games, but over the years she’s also achieved a strong live tournament record which has included four WSOP cashes and deep runs in the Irish Open, EPT San Remo and EPT London High Roller.  Her live tournament earnings are more than $130,000.


A talented writer, Sofia has her own blog and is a regular article contributor in national newspapers and European poker magazines.  She’s also extremely active in the world of social media. A 2013 Poker Listings ‘Spirit of Poker – Here Comes the Future Award’ nominee, Sofia has now taken the next exciting step in the poker career, signing as an 888 Ambassador.


888poker is extremely proud and excited to welcome both women to the team. They join an already strong roster of female players including Australia Poker Hall of Famer & WSOPE Bracelet winner Jackie Glazier, and American cash game specialist, Jessica Dawley.


To read more about Xuan Liu and Sofia Lӧvgren, please visit their official pages on the 888poker website.



Has Full Tilt Poker “Flipped Out” again?

Apparently so but this time in a NEW and EXCITING way!

FTP announced a new tournament format called “FlipOut’ which has 2 rounds that combines an exciting Shootout  All-In format that if you win puts you in the money which then continues in round 2 as a regular MTT tourney with one caveat….You’re already in the money. That’s right get lucky enough to win round one and you not only advance but you’ve cashed!


Round one is purely luck and runs from 6 or 9 handed tables down to one with everyone all in on every hand. These will go rather quickly. By the way, this happens very often at the WSOP during the hours before the Main Event is about to start.

Like the WSOP winning that single table shootout gets you into a scheduled tournament that’s upcoming on FTP, in fact once you register you don’t even need to be logged in to advance.

There is also a regular SnG version that plays at 2, 6 and 9 players

Good Luck in round 1 and play good in round 2!