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Activity Feed for Videos and Blogs

We’ve introduced a forum style activity feed for our videos and blogs categories as a clear and simple way of viewing the newest posts and comments in these categories. They’re located underneath their menu items in the drop-down list.
This should keep discussions relevant longer and show which topics are generating the most interest.

If you haven’t already, critique a video you’ve unlocked, join in on a discussion, or start your own. SharkScopers is an extremely community oriented site. We’ve seen much higher interest in the videos that have multiple positive comments vs. the ones with negative or no comments, and authors love to see a reply on their posts.

Introducing SharkScopers (beta)

SharkScopers is a community driven poker training site. We provide an open platform where accomplished players can upload, post, and earn revenue from sales of their poker training videos. User ratings, reviews, comments, and previews will encourage valuable unique training videos. You can purchase credits in various bulk rates, which will be used to unlock the videos you’re interested in.

Additionally, SharkScopers is the official SharkScope user community. SharkScope is an online tool used by some of the most motivated and talented poker players. We’ll be providing unique features and promotions to integrate tools found on SharkScope in a more social way.

Already, we allow users to post a snapshot of their SharkScope chart and stats within their blog. This could be useful for logging and discussing your current status and goals. Members who set up a (free) blog can optionally have their account names on SharkScope linked to their SharkScopers blog as well.

We’re in a brief public beta phase in order to fine-tune and refine the details. Everything is fully functional and ready to be used! Set up your account, purchase credits, start a blog, and join the forums.