SharkScope’s Final 2014 Leaderboards

Happy New Year everyone, we hope it was a good and profitable year.

Our 2014 Leaderboards are now closed and once again SkaiWalkurrr proved he’s one of the best HU players in the world winning more than ½ million dollars.

44hell44 led all players by playing over 200,000 tournaments and that turned out to be a good thing as his chart shows a steady up stream curve. . In case you’re wondering that’s almost 600 tourneys a day! Talk about multi-tabling and winning while you’re at it. Bravo!

Everybody looks for consistency in their poker game and after all, your session doesn’t really end till you die or quit the game. One big session (life) is the only way that the math will even out. Stevie444 took the number 1 spot in Best 100 game streak with a mark of $1330.08. That’s a significant ROI per tourney, here’s to hoping they were super turbos! And in the Best 500 game streak w00ki3z. took top honors with an average profit of 395.25. That is consistency at its finest 500 times in a row! As a side note Stevie444 didn’t just stop at 100, he also was on the 500 game streak list in 5th place.

All of the above tournaments are on our main leaderboard page and all were achieved on PokerStars.

There are also so many other leaderboards that there are too many in number to mention. However some standouts were the return of 888 and the addition of WinningPokerNetwork, where the winner of Any Game by Network won by just over $500.00.

Any Game by Country turned out to be a big hit and the list of countries represented is 52 and growing!

In Rush & Zoom BrynKenney was the fastest and won over $150,000 in this category.

Last but certainly not least is CrownUpGuy who won over 1.5 million in scheduled tournaments.

All in all 2014 was a great year for SharkScope and Online Poker. We want to thank all of you who participated and most of all we really appreciate your posts, chats and emails referring SharkScope to your friends! Don’t forget to like our Facebook page

In 2015, stay tuned and look for all the details as we monetize the Achievements, where getting the most achievements can not only be fun but profitable too.

Have a GREAT 2015

SharkScope Team

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Team SharkScope wants to wish you the Happiest, Healthiest and most Profitable Holiday Season EVER, and we couldn’t think of a better way than offering a discount for the weekend.

Now that’s starting the Holiday’s off right.

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Sign up a NEW account at William Hill Poker and they’ll give you a bonus of 200% up to £1200, and that’s just the start!

On the heels of our Beta test of the new SharkScope Desktop (The HUD that does it all) William Hill Poker will give it away FREE as long as you play on William Hill Poker.

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We thank you for your loyalty to SharkScope, now go enjoy your presents and may all your rivers be good ones. Ho Ho Hold’em!



It’s been in the works for a while now but we can finally announce the Winning Poker Network (WPN) is now being tracked by SharkScope.


Here are the facts:

  • For history data we’ve been able to retrieve about all Octobers results and we’re current with the data now
  • Players can report missing games on the Report Missing Game page or just click here:
  • At the moment satellites are not covered, although we hope to add them in the near future.


This couldn’t come at a better time as Winning Poker Network is getting ready to hold a 1 Million dollar guarantee early in December.


See our ad on the site for ACR’s sign up bonus to get in on all the action.


Sites on the WPN are:

Americas Card Room

Black Chip Poker

True Poker

BetCris Poker

BetDSI Poker

BookMaker Poker

Gambling in Canada – On Both Sides Of the Law

Gambling and betting are activities as old as competition itself – some say as old as humanity. Humanity’s perception of gambling has changed a lot through history, though. Although the activity itself is still very popular, it has often been deemed immoral, illegal, or even a sin. And, as most laws are based on ancient moral codes, sometimes betting and gambling are considered illegal activities by the lawmakers of certain countries.


Canada is one of the countries where the perception of gambling in general, and online gambling in special, are a little controversial. According to the applicable laws, companies are forbidden to operate online betting and gambling companies on Canadian soil. The country’s Criminal Code is the law governing the gambling and betting activities. It forbids any gambling activities within Canada that don’t fall within the exceptions set out in the law.


Still, after 1989 – when the first commercial casino was opened in Winnipeg – a series of gambling operations were opened in almost all provinces in the country, and “video lottery terminals” and state lotteries are also operated by local governments.


One of the workarounds for Canada’s prohibitive laws are offered by the authorities of the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake, especially when it comes to interactive gambling operations (online poker rooms and casinos). The territory, located in the east-central part of the country, offers Canadian internet gambling operators the possibility to request a license, under certain conditions – for example, to host their web operations on the servers of Mohawk Internet Technologies, a datacenter located in the territory. The licenses to online and land based operators are issued by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.


Due to this “loophole”, Canadian citizens can still conduct gambling activities online. A list of the operators approve to conduct gambling activities on Canadian soil can be found at the Gaming Commission’s website, and more details about them are available through specialized websites like Grizzly Gambling or other similar operations. These websites usually present not just the operators – casinos, poker rooms and similar – but also the games available there (you won’t be able to play them here, but you can find a place to play them legally).


As all other industries, the one involving online gambling has its share of scammers and crooks. The Gaming Commission has strict rules assuring the fairness and correct business policies of the operators. It collaborates with various international bodies – like the eCogra, Gambling Associates, iTech Labs and others, to ensure the best and fairest gaming experience for players at the operations of its license holders.


In conclusion, betting itself is not illegal in Canada – the only thing not permitted by the laws is to operate gambling houses on the country’s territory. Thanks to the Mohawk, Canadian companies can operate from Canadian soil and not at the same time, providing their customers with the safety of working with a local company, and still be on the right side of the law.

Carbon Poker adds new Sit & Go format called Supersonic

How fast is too fast? Well for Carbon it just got FASTER
This is exclusive to CarbonPoker and no one else in the industry currently offers these.  We hope that other poker rooms/networks realize that there is a void in their speed offering after Hyper Turbos and adopt this format.
CarbonPoker is excited to bring players the fastest Sit & Go’s on the planet with Supersonic Sit & Go’s.

A Supersonic Sit & Go is a format where blinds increase faster than any other game type you have experienced before. Including Hyper Turbo!

There are two Supersonic Sit & Go formats to choose from:

4-Max, where the blinds increase every 2 minutes and players begin with a 300 chip – starting stack.

And Heads Up, where blinds increase every minute and players begin with a 1,500 chip – starting stack.

Supersonic Sit & Go’s do not offer a time bank to allow for the fast paced, non-stop action!

To take part in this fast and exciting tournament format open the Poker lobby, go to Sit & Go and click on Supersonic to start playing the fastest poker you have ever played!

New Players can sign up here Carbon Poker


New Social Media Publishing & Email Alerts

We’ve just added some exciting features to SharkScope. The new automated publishing system allows you to automatically or manually post major events on your social timelines or get directly notified through other channels such as email.


Just configure your publishing options in the Publish section of the player tab, so that future events are sent to your publishers, or click on the “Publish Now” buttons to immediately publish an old event.


Publishable events currently include major tournament successes and SharkScope leaderboard position changes, and will be expanded to include other achievements in the future.



888poker adds Xuan Liu and Sofia Lӧvgren to the Team 888poker Lineup!

Team 888poker  has gotten even stronger with the addition of two new members, Canada’s Xuan Liu and Sofia Lӧvgren from Sweden.


Hailing from Toronto, Xuan Liu is a regular on the poker tournament circuit, with over $1.4 million in live event cashes to her name. Her results at major events are impressive, including a $600,000 4th place finish at the PCA in 2012, and 3rd place at the EPT San Remo 2011 for $524,075.   Xuan took home her first tournament title and trophy at the IPT San Remo the previous year.

Xuan’s passion for poker began at a young age and evolved into a lucrative pastime during her time at University. Whilst studying for her post-graduate degree in Finance, Xuan travelled to Europe where she experienced her first NLH Tournament final table.  After that Xuan decided to become a full time professional.  In 2013, she was declared as one of the WPT Season XI’s ‘Ones to Watch’.


Sofia Lövgren is a professional poker player based in Malta and Gothenburg. Her major focus is on online cash games, but over the years she’s also achieved a strong live tournament record which has included four WSOP cashes and deep runs in the Irish Open, EPT San Remo and EPT London High Roller.  Her live tournament earnings are more than $130,000.


A talented writer, Sofia has her own blog and is a regular article contributor in national newspapers and European poker magazines.  She’s also extremely active in the world of social media. A 2013 Poker Listings ‘Spirit of Poker – Here Comes the Future Award’ nominee, Sofia has now taken the next exciting step in the poker career, signing as an 888 Ambassador.


888poker is extremely proud and excited to welcome both women to the team. They join an already strong roster of female players including Australia Poker Hall of Famer & WSOPE Bracelet winner Jackie Glazier, and American cash game specialist, Jessica Dawley.


To read more about Xuan Liu and Sofia Lӧvgren, please visit their official pages on the 888poker website.



888Poker back on SharkScope!

SharkScope is delighted to announce that, after extensive negotiations, we are now able to partner again with one of the world’s fastest growing poker networks, 888 Poker and their sister Spanish site back on Sharkscope!

The agreement is to implement a similar system to the one we currently employ on PokerStars and Adajabet where, by default, all ROI and Profit data is hidden until you opt-in. Once you opt-in you have full access to SharkScope’s wealth of features to analyse your statistics.

888Poker and have set up mock tournaments with the names of SharkScope Opt In & SharkScope Opt Out, and the passwords for these tournaments are “optmein” and optmeout” respectively. This will be the new easy way you can get your accounts opted in and out as needed.


For more details on the opting in and opting out procedures please see here:



In an effort to give the integration a jump start 888 has designed many new promotions for new depositors which can be found by clicking the banners on the website, they include free money, deposit bonuses, freerolls, WSOP satellites and entry into steps for the WSOP as well. In other words 888 is going all out as a partner to give SharkScope users the best possible reasons to play on their site.

For those of you who have been playing on 888 we are doing everything we can to get some of the results from the past months that are missing from our database. If we can accomplish this the data will be added to your charts – otherwise there will be a gap in all statistics from the 18th of July 2013 to the 25th of March 2014.

SharkScope would like to thank those of you who have written and posted that you’d like 888 back. We heard you and are glad that we could, with the help of 888 accomplish this goal.

Lastly, we want to thank 888 for their fairness and openness to once again become part of the SharkScope family.

iPoker switches to opt-in system


We’re sorry to announce that the iPoker network, which consists of skins such as Everest Poker, Poker770 and William Hill has chosen to switch to a FullTilt style opt-in system, where by all results from games with less than 30 players are hidden by default, until that player opts in. Opting in and out is now a very simply process of finding the special SharkScope cash table in the iPoker client and typing either optin or optout in the chat box.

The changes will affect both the SharkScope website and the SharkScope HUD, but ensures that SharkScope and all its tools continue to be fully permitted by the iPoker network.

Details of the opt-in and opt-out system can be found here:



iPoker players which are currently listed in our leaderboards will be automatically considered opted-in for the next 3 months, to give them time to opt-in manually during that time without losing their place on those leaderboards.

Whilst in the short term these rule changes do reduce the amount of information available to most users with regards to looking at other iPoker player statistics, there are still many ways SharkScope can still be used effectively and in particular users should review the VS Me functionality:

  • Versus Me Functionality

    Once you have configured your own player names if you search a player who has not opted in yet, or even has blocked their name, you will see the full statistics derived from the games that you have played against that player.

Please bear with us during the transition to this new system as It will take a little time for us to get to the critical mass of players opted-in and we appreciate your patience. However if you are a current subscriber and wish to discuss your subscription please contact



Shock as Bodog anonymizes buttons in client

Today in a surprise move, sure to send shock waves through out the poker industry, Bodog announced it will shortly be anonymizing all the buttons in its poker client. The move is reportedly to prevent winning players from having the unfair advantage of knowing how much they are betting or even more egregiously, if they are raising or folding.

A Bodog spokesman, who refused to be identified, gleefully stated, “for years people who have taken the time to learn how to play poker properly have taken advantage of those that haven’t by cynically learning the correct moves and using them. Victimising players who, through no fault of their own, were never quite able to get round to reading a poker book. We say no more! We believe in a completely level playing field!”

Artist's Impression of the New Bodog Client

Artist’s Impression of the New Bodog Client

The spokesman declined to be drawn into further speculation that Bodog will soon anonymize all cash prizes on their site so that no one will have the advantage of knowing how much they’ve won. However they did point to their fast cash out times whilst some observers claim to have heard the spokesman laughing maniacally under their breath.

Editors note: Due to recent efforts to anonymize their own name, the company referred to as Bodog in this article may or may not be called Bodog in your region at the time of press.