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SharkScope adds a new network “The Hive”

With 3 skins The Hive has made a very strong debut. Ranked 14th on Poker Scout after having launched only a few months ago is pretty amazing.


Traditionally they have Hold’em and both Omaha’s, and a speed version called Instapoker . They also have and a new game called Telesina. Telesina is a variant of 5 card stud which is played mostly in Italy. In fact most of the players on the network right now are from Italy. Telesina must be very popular because they’ve broken into the market in a big way

Of importance to SharkScope readers is that their MTTs and SnGs are strong which is why we’ve added them.

Right now there are only 3 skins on the network

And transferring from the PokerPack

We are contacting the skins now to get a great deal for our SharkScope users….Stay Tuned

FullTilt funds returned by Garden City

This past week saw 80+ million dollars returned to former FullTilt players

“US facing sites increased about 5%” over the first weekend according to sources

There’s going to be more to come as people find that cash in their bank accounts and decide to give online poker another go!

Remember this is the time of year players try to qualify for the WSOP

Sites like Carbon Poker and Americas Card Room have set up bonuses for those who want to jump back in.

Hope That Helps!



A New Twist on Poker

Just when you thought there were no new ways to reinvent the Poker Wheel, Everest Poker has come up with a new TWIST in the form of TWISTER POKER!

Bringing it down to its basics Twister is a Sit N Go, a 3-handed sit n go and it’s played in a turbo format.

This winner take all format sounds pretty normal until you read the fine print, it’s a jackpot tournament.

 Based on the buy-in , either 1€, 2€, 5€ or 10€ you can win anywhere from 2 times your buy in all the way up to 1000 times your buy in. What this means is that at the worst you can double your money but at the best you can score and score big. A 1.00€ buy in can win you up to 1000€ and a 10€ buy in can win you up to 10,000€.

There’s an excitement factor as well. You don’t know the payout until all 3 players are seated and the action is about to begin. Then a wheel appears and where it lands determines what the prize pool will be.

Hit that 1000 times slot on the wheel and you can turn 10.00€ into 10,000€ by beating just 2 people

We think Everest Poker has hit the jackpot with this promotion and believe it will be a great success.

Sign up with Everest Poker here and let the wheel spin

Hope that Helps!

Warren “PokerMD” Karp

SharkScope announces Leaderboard Winners!!

Well, it’s that time of the year, closing out the last minute details and thinking about next year’s resolutions. Was your resolution last year to be on top of the SharkScope leaderboards? Time has flown by this year, slower for some and faster for other but for those atop the leaderboards the number 13 couldn’t have been any luckier!

There are so many categories and so little time, so we’ll focus on the main categories that you all see when first arriving on the Leaderboard page.  That’s not to say that many of the other categories aren’t significant and in fact important, especially if you’re on top of one of those but we can only write about just so much.

If we’re going to start anywhere it has to be with “SkaiWalkurrr” playing on PokerStars who represents the Netherlands. Talk about go wire to wire and wining by a mile or any other cliché you can come up with! This player was heads above the rest in SNGs for 2013. In fact the number 2 player Jorj95 is about 300,000 behind. However this isn’t the whole story.

Back in August I interviewed the leader at that time “mrGR33N13” because at that time he was over 1 million in winnings. Since then he’s chosen to block his stats and we don’t know how he ended up. I will tell you though that in that interview he told me that “Taking everything into account, I believe I’m the best in the world at them”(meaning SNGs). It would be interesting to see a heads up battle between these two players.

Now when you win the Main event of the WSOP you’re a World Champion forever. Looking back since the year 2000 it can be said that many ME players haven’t stood the test of time. This is where our category of “COUNT” comes into play, because when you are playing every day for many hours and are a consistent winner you’ve stood the test of time. Our congratulations go out to “v4b=yp” playing on PokerStars  also representing the Netherlands. Well over 250,000 games played. He is followed closely by “Brezi26” representing the Czech Republic but after that the count drops off by 100,000. That’s huge (no pun intended)

Streaks aren’t an anomaly, they occur! Maybe it’s a confidence that comes with winning the previous game, maybe it’s ego, I’m not sure but the leaderboards show that it’s fact not fiction and heading the list of Best 100 Streak Avg. Profit is “zangbezan23” with an Avg profit of a whopping $1419 representing Canada. That’s 500 above 2nd place.

Stretching it out to Best 500 once again is “SkaiWalkurrr” with an Avg Profit of $462 which once again crushes number 2 by 200.

We want to thank and congratulate all the leaders from all the categories and for opting in so that we may share and enjoy your results with others.

So where will you be in 2014? Will the return of poker to the US challenge the leaderboards once again?

Here’s to wishing you a very Happy Healthy and Prosperous New Year and to hoping that next year I’ll be writing about you


Full Tilt so far so….I don’t know

Just like many of us I was a victim of Black Friday.

Luckily I had no balance on Poker Stars, but I did have a small sum on Full Tilt. I followed the directions on the Garden City Group site and registered prior to September 16th as a player who had funds due me. On Sept. 17th I got an email from Garden City Group, albeit in my spam folder, telling me exactly what balance I was due, and even though I had a memory of about what my balance was, it turned out that they were spot on.

So, so far everything has gone perfectly. Of course until I get those funds transferred into my account I still don’t know what, where or when. I assume they need to finish the process which has a deadline for processing of November 16th. By then they should see if their claims are outweighed by the funds available or not. Judging by the accuracy of the amount they had in my email, they should be spot on and all will go well. I’ll keep you all updated

Hope that helps


Welcome to SharkScopers, Hosted by the PokerMD

My name is Warren Karp

docWhen I first developed PokerMD it was a way to give back to the poker community and to help each other learn. When Online Poker became a reality we shared ideas and strategies that helped us to do well in an emerging market. One of the tools we learned about was Sharkscope. We learned how it worked and took advantage of the many facets of data it provided. Remember in poker, knowledge is king and SharkScope provided plenty of knowledge by way of data and statistics. The conversation went on as new pieces of information became available and as I travelled around I found that the conversation was continuing offline as well.

SharkScope is the oldest and best known poker tournament tracking website. Since it was established in 2005, it has consistently ranked in the top 10 most visited poker content websites in the world. We take pride in the accuracy of our tracking and the amount of novel and unique features we offer all classes of poker players from novices up to high volume professionals. Consequently, around 20% of all online poker tournament players visit SharkScope each month.

Here’s the great part. Not only can you read about new and important features here but we’ve set up a FaceBook Page as well where you can find discounts, specials and post questions and get answers. Like us there and get full access.

Were also on Twitter @SharkScope and on Google+ so come “HangOut” with us

SharkScopers powered by PokerMD where knowledge is power and it’s all just a click away!

Hope That Helps

Warren Karp

Popularity of the Different Poker Types

Today I was asked to work out the relative popularity of the different poker variations and I thought there might be a few people out there interested in the results.

Here’s the numbers of the breakdown of the different types from all the sit and goes taking place on the internet in the last 2 days:

Game Popularity
HOLDEM 94.631%
OMAHA 2.925%
OMAHA H/L 1.495%
5 CARD DRAW 0.264%
HORSE 0.259%
RAZZ 0.200%
7 CARD STUD H/L 0.112%
7 CARD STUD 0.044%
8 GAME 0.039%
HA 0.013%
BADUGI 0.008%
2-7 SINGLE DRAW 0.005%
2-7 TRIPLE DRAW 0.002%
SOKO 0.001%
HOSE 0.001%

As expected we see the vast majority are Holdem games. No surprise that there are still sites out there that only offer Holdem for sit and goes when it has this much of the market.

I didn’t expect Omaha H/L to do quite this well, and I’m very surprised that 5 Card Draw was ranked higher than HORSE.

I then thought it would be interesting to look at the amount relatively staked on all these tournaments.

Game Popularity % of All Money Staked
HOLDEM 94.631% 97.167%
OMAHA 2.925% 1.316%
OMAHA H/L 1.495% 1.150%
5 CARD DRAW 0.264% 0.053%
HORSE 0.259% 0.109%
RAZZ 0.200% 0.102%
7 CARD STUD H/L 0.112% 0.074%
7 CARD STUD 0.044% 0.010%
8 GAME 0.039% 0.012%
HA 0.013% 0.003%
BADUGI 0.008% 0.002%
2-7 SINGLE DRAW 0.005% 0.001%
2-7 TRIPLE DRAW 0.002% 0.000%
SOKO 0.001% 0.000%
HOSE 0.001% 0.000%

Here we can see that Holdem is even more dominant in terms of the amount of money being staked on it. We can also note that 5 Card Draw games only generate half the money staked on HORSE despite it being played more often.